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Happy New Year!

Welcome to the first DAPS newsletter of 2019!! 


We hope you had a wonderful festive season with your friends and family and are ready to tackle this very busy and exciting year ahead for DAPS and the crypto industry in general.

In this newsletter, we will recap a bit of 2018, progress, budget and short term goals. Long term goals will be covered in another edition.

Please note moving forward newsletters will only come out every two weeks as the team will be very busy with testnet, mainnet, PR and partnerships.

Important updates will still be pushed out across social media channels immediately as needed.


Happy new year!

Crypto and Markets News

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Circle Processed $24 Billion in OTC Trades in 2018

The Over-the-Counter cryptocurrency trading service platform Circle claims it processed over $24 Billion in trades in 2018, making it a key player for institutional investors who prefer to use services with such models to avoid dealing on the open exchange platforms. Since 2017, institutional investors seem to have moved away from exchanges and traded more on OTC platforms. Read more…

Anti-Monopoly Court Says Banks Must Keep Chilean Crypto Accounts Open

Against the supreme court’s decision, the anti-monopoly court has granted protection for the cryptocurrency exchanges against the supreme court’s decision to close their accounts. This protection comes at the heels of exchanges such as CryptoMKT, Buda.com, and OrionX’s claim that the banks froze their accounts. Chile is working on a legal framework to regulate virtual currencies. Read more…

Blockchain in 2019 Will Brings Less Hype, More Normalcy

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) predicts that 2019 will usher in great projects and less speculation in the blockchain technology sector. Many projects are evolving with stronger use cases and government regulatory bodies around the world are working to create frameworks for the sector. MIT believes that the original sentiment of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology being used as an anti-government movement is ceasing. Read more…

Facebook to Create a Stablecoin for Whatsapp

In January of 2018, Facebook banned crypto ads from its platform. In February of 2018, Facebook announced that they had no plans for cryptocurrencies as an organization. By the summer of 2018, they had lifted the ban on cryptocurrency ads but kept ICO ads banned. By December of 2018, Facebook has developed a blockchain group, hired blockchain employees, and on the road to developing a stablecoin for its India market for transactions on Whatsapp. Read more…

Samsung Applies for a UK Trademark For A Crypto Wallet

The electronics giant Samsung has applied for a trademark in the United Kingdom in late December 2018. The trademark references the development of software used for such thing as “Cryptocurrency wallet”, and “Cryptocurrency transfer and payment using blockchain”.  This comes as rumors of a cold wallet on the Samsung Galaxy S10 began to circulate. Last October, Samsung Foundry launched a process for a chip that will reduce energy usage by 50 percent. Read more…

DAPS Project News

Masternode Service Partnership

We are proud to announce that DAPS partnered with Snode to bring shared/dedicated/instant/ and soon masternode hosting as well as auto reinvestment to the DAPS community once the DAPS chain has been launched!


Snode is one of the oldest shared masternode platforms. Founded in December 2017 and released to the public in March 2018, Snode became one of very first shared masternode services providers in the crypto space.


Snode’s masternode solution makes it easy for the investors to become a sole owner of masternode without the hassle of going through a series of difficult configurations, especially the investors who are not familiar with configuring masternodes. In addition to the technical complexity, operating masternodes requires an expensive startup cost which makes a large majority of investors who have a small capital shy away from. Snode shared masternode is the solution for this.


Snode’s dedicated team does the heavy lifting in order to bridge the gap between the investors who are interested but are discouraged due to the technicalities and capital requirements involved in the process. Snode platform provides investors with all necessary information related to their investment through dashboard view/auto-notification email system in a comprehensive way. Their native coin - SnodeCoin (SND) is being integrated as the main payment for the maintenance fee.


With working products and roadmap commitment, Snode has been building trust in their community and become a big name in the masternode marketplace. Snode community has reached 10000 members and continues to grow daily with over $3M worth of coins deposited and $25k worth of rewards paid daily.


DAPS is proud to partner with Snode. We believe services like these have a crucial function in ensuring a cryptocurrency network has competing hash and a healthy ecosystem for users to easily support the network.


Snode team will take part in testnet so they can be familiar with the DAPS network by the time mainnet is deployed. Snode will be ready to facilitate DAPS masternode hosting as soon as mainnet is launched.








Cryptopia Preferred Exchange Partnership

To start off the new year, we are very happy to officially announce Cryptopia as DAPS Coin’s preferred partner exchange.


Cryptopia has been delivering a great service to the DAPS community to date and with their improved support systems, customer support is top notch at Cryptopia.

Cryptopia is constantly working on improving their platform so we are excited to follow their journey.


To celebrate this great partnership a total of 500k DAPS tokens will be tipped at random to different users in the Cryptopia troll box over a period of two weeks so we can introduce DAPS to all active Cryptopia users.


We are thrilled about this partnership especially with mainnet around the corner. Cryptopia is also invited to take part in DAPS testnet to help with valuable feedback.


We are also working closely with Cryptopia to integrate and be ready for DAPS Coin to be listed on mainnet launch.


Follow Cryptopia on Twitter: @cryptopia_nz

Sign up at Cryptopia

DAPS Development Progress

DAPS Coin development is currently still on schedule, our development team is kicking all their goals and we are excited about the progress to date.

Phase One of DAPS development is now complete.

We will be moving over to Phase Two of development for the next three months with the end goal to launch testnet as soon as possible. Projected launch date is the end of February 2019.


DAPS Phase One Synopsis

June to November 2018



In this first phase, we have architected, designed, developed, and approved the bulk of the baseline MVP features necessary for the success of the project, including:


  • A uniquely hybrid Proof-of-Work, Proof-of-Stake, and Proof-of-Audit blockchain.
  • A set of new decentralized consensus rules unique to DAPS which prevent bad actors from compromising the hybrid chain in any known way.
  • A basic block explorer that allows browsing of visually distinct types of blocks or transactions.
  • Stand-alone Proof-of-Audit miners which can use CPUs, AMD GPUs, or Nvidia GPUs to create PoA blocks either by solo mining or via a mining pool.
  • Removal of PIVX’s Zerocoin privacy functionalities which have been replaced with custom functions.
  • Brand new RPC functionalities and API endpoints which support DAPS transactions, PoA mining, keychain wallets, see-saw block rewards, and block explorers.
  • PoS v3 staking for all desktop keychain wallets.
  • Segmentation and award of PoS Block Rewards for the DAPS Team, and a 60/40 split of the remainder for the masternode holders and the stakers as appropriate.
  • PoA block rewards.
  • Introduction of the latest PIVX security patches.
  • Removal of fees for transactions inside of PoW blocks.
  • Multiple masternodes with unique nicknames running on a single server and IP address.
  • Design of desktop and mobile keychain wallets, and a block explorer.
  • Introduction of ring signatures to a PIVX transaction.
  • Tools and methods to reliably start or restart the hybrid blockchain as needed while in development or testing.
  • Ongoing security updates of dependent third-party software libraries.
  • Continuous Integration tools for running automated tests, and for automated deployments.
  • A highly scalable and available network of Docker containers controlled by Kubernetes.
  • Virtualbox images for localized testing of any platform.
  • Documentation of how to use DAPS’ proprietary, emergent technologies.


Timelines, Duration, and Costs Incurred End Nov


Jun 18: Discovery and planning kick-off meeting.

Aug 30: Contracts are signed.

Sep 10 to Sep 21: Sprint 1; Two weeks in duration; Cost incurred $16,562

Sep 24 to Oct 12: Sprint 2; Three weeks in duration; Cost incurred $16,562

Oct 15 to Oct 26: Sprint 3; Two weeks in duration; Cost incurred $16,562

Oct 29 to Nov 09: Sprint 4; Two weeks in duration; Cost incurred $12,848

Nov 12 to Nov 23: Sprint 5; Two weeks in duration; Cost incurred $12,848

Nov 26 to Nov 30: Sprint 6; One week in duration; Cost incurred $6,628


Total elapsed time: 166 days, or 24 weeks, or 5.4 months.

Total number of issues implemented and closed: 77

Total number of bugs discovered and fixed: 17

Total number of story points accomplished: 647

Total costs incurred: $82,010 USD


DAPS Phase Two – December until Testnet Completion


Key Objectives for Phase Two:


  • Stealth Transactions to include (surprise feature) for obfuscated transaction amounts.
  • Front End development integration of Keychain Wallets’ dark and light mode designs.
  • Custom Block Explorer website with a dark design.
  • Uniquely versioned and licensed individual executables for the limited public beta test.
  • Planned network obsolescence of all executables which prevents them from ever talking to any chain newer than the public beta test network’s version.
  • Deployment and testing of the beta test environment and its licensing system.
  • Consultation with DAPS Team’s internal reviewers for feedback regarding the upcoming beta test.
  • Fixing and deploying any Priority 1 bugs which would prevent a beta test from occurring.
  • Consultation during the limited public beta test.
  • Decommissioning of the beta test environment and functionality after testing has been completed.


In summary:

  1. Stealth transactions
  2. Keychain wallets front end development
  3. Block explorer website
  4. Testnet – Closed beta


In December we shared a short video of the DAPS PoA functionality in action that you can view here:

Last night co-founder Adel shared another preview of the wallet design in our Telegram channel that will be available in three versions – desktop, Android and iOS. Our designers have been working very hard on bringing our ideas to life for the UI/UX of the DAPS properties.

Testnet applications are currently being processed, keep an eye on your email if you applied! So far we extended testnet invitations to:


  1. Cryptopia
  2. GIN
  3. Snode
  4. Enjin

More to come...

DAPS Project Expenses and Cost

It was a busy year in 2018 and project leaders Adel and Breck had to budget and pay for a lot of moving pieces to bring DAPS to where it is today.

As the new year is here we would like to disclose project costs to you up until the end of December 2018:


Development: $98 210

Full-time developers

Full-time design



Marketing/PR: $56 132




Social Media content




New website

Analytics software


Exchange listings: $133 100

Listings for PCN and DAPS Token


Airdrop Process and Execution: $ 68 665


Claims team

Amazon Servers

ETH gas

Token contract




Legal: $6000


DAPS review

Development certification


Internet and Tech: $2115


Computer software



Tools: $1580









Telegram Bots


Total cost: $365 802 USD


Now that the airdrop processes are completed and we are only left with the bonus payments to process which will happen as soon as the ETH fork is completed, all further costs will now be paid from the allocated development fund to finish building DAPS Coin.

100k Bonus DAPS Airdrop - Update

The bonus airdrop will be processed as soon as the ETH hard fork process is completed and successful. Cryptopia and Bluetrade confirmed this week that they can assist in automatically airdropping to eligible users on their exchanges.


We thank Cryptopia and Bluetrade for their cooperation in this matter.


Please stay tuned as we will be following the ETH hard fork progress closely and execute bonus drop as soon as possible.

YouTube Shoutouts for DAPS

Moving forward this year a big focus will be getting content creators interested in producing content about DAPS so it can help us to increase our brand awareness.

Recently two new videos were produced about DAPS, please give them a like and a comment to show our community support in thanking them for their time and effort.


Video 1: DOMSCRYPTO - English

Video 2: Faizu4You - Urdu Hindi





If you know of any other DAPS content we can share with the community please DM any of our admins.

Thank you!

A Message From the Team

Dear DAPS community,


Thank you for wonderful memories, laughs, conversations and your support for 2018 we truly appreciate each and every one of you.

All of us are excited in the mornings to start our day and catch up on messages and happenings while we were asleep in our channels. It is truly a pleasure for us to be with you on this journey and we want to thank you for this.

Testnet and mainnet is this year and we are just as excited as you are and we aim to make our community very proud this year too.


From all of us at the DAPS team, we wish you a wonderful 2019!

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