We created a list of local resources for domestic violence victims

Local Resources for Domestic Victims of Domestic Violence

We put together a comprehensive list of local resources for victims of domestic violence. These resources include hotlines, advocacy organizations, and legal assistance organizations. 

We sincerely hope this information finds its way to those who need it. Please help us spread the word by sharing this with others. 

And if you know of an organization we missed, please let me. know by reply email and I will be sure to add it. Thanks!

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Recurring Charges - Why are you paying for that?

In our bankruptcy practice we constantly see people who claim they haven't used their credit cards recently, but then we find that they are being charged every month for recurring charges they don't even use.

They weren't looking at the statements because they weren't using it and never even knew about these charges! 

Do you have a similar situation? I know that I personally have done this here at the law firm! it is easy to do! Read our post to see what you can do .

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L@L - Laughing at Lawyers

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