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Welcome to Wild Hunt Month!

Samwise, Yasmine's husband posing as Cernunnos from the Wild Hunt Series

So, several things: in this newsletter I'm starting the new Maddy novella that I promised last month! And I have several preorders to tell you about. Also, BLOOD BONDS is now out--the last Otherworld book!

I'm putting out videos on my Youtube Channel about writing and other topics. You can find me there (and if you want to subscribe to be notified of new videos, be sure to hit that notifications bell!). I'm writing Witching Hour, book 7 of the Wild Hunt Series. And book 6--The Silver Mist--comes out in a couple weeks!

This month, in my Facebook group especially, we're celebrating my 26th wedding anniversary, Beltane, AND Wild Hunt month! As we approach the release of the sixth book in the series--The Silver Mist--we're partying hard because of how excited I am about the series, and how much my readers have taken it to heart.

We're having contests, fun posts, and a release party for The Silver Mist, so come on over and join us. Remember to answer the three questions when you request to join the group, because that's how we weed spammers out.

As you can see, my husband joined in by dressing up as Cernunnos from the series--and that's perfect because we're having a cosplay contest in there, so hurry over to sign up and grab out your cameras!

April has been a busy month for me, and May promises to be just as busy. I hope you have a wonderful spring, and that you take time to smell the newly emerging flowers!

Demon's Delight

This month I'm starting the new short novella, Demon's Delight, here in the newsletter. Three things:

1. If I find this posted on any website, forum, or other place, the serial will stop. This is newsletter only!

2. At the end of the novella, I'll be offering it for sale like I did The Wish Factor.

3. What you read here is the relatively unedited version. It will go to my editor when I'm done with it, before publishing. There may be a few typos and rough spots, but that's how you get the first peek! (And no, you don't need to let me know about them--as I said, the novella will go to my editor after it's done). This will be spread out over several months, so each month you'll want to open your newsletter. Make sure you put nightqueen@galenorn.com in your safe contacts so it doesn't go into spam! 

You'll find the first part at the end of this newsletter, so read on!


You can get THE SILVER STAG, OAK AND THORNS, AND IRON BONES for .99¢ each in e-format! Grab them now because the sale won't last for long! 









The Silver Mist Cover

The Silver Mist

Book 6 of the Wild Hunt Series
Release Date: May 14, 2019

The Wild Hunt is on the trail of the Tuathan Brotherhood—a hate group terrorizing humans and shifters alike. Their investigation takes them over to the Olympic Peninsula, where they plunge into the heart of the haunted old-growth forest in a desperate attempt to stop the group before they strike again.

Meanwhile, one of Herne’s friends turns to the Wild Hunt. He’s unwittingly unleashed a terrifying spirit who threatens Port Ludlow with the fury of her storms. Now, they must not only locate Rafé, who has vanished while undercover in the forest, but they must also appease the Cailleach before she destroys the entire community and everyone within it.


The Witching Hour Cover

Witching Hour

Release Date: July 8, 2019

When you dance with death, you have to learn how to roll the bones...

Raven BoneTalker, also known as the Daughter of Bones, is one of the Ante-Fae—the dangerous, unpredictable predecessors to the Fae Races. But Raven is young, and she likes interacting with mortals, so she’s opened a business—the Witching Hour—where she takes on clients with ghostly problems. Mostly she reads cards, boots out the odd poltergeist, or helps grieving families contact their loved ones for closure.

But when Lana, one of her friends, comes begging for help, things take a dark turn. Raven investigates what seems like a simple haunting on the surface. But the more she delves into the case, the more she realizes that this is no simple ghost. As Raven untangles a web of secrets and deceits kept for over fifty years, she finds herself in danger, facing not only a ghostly threat, but also a danger that is very much alive.


Blood Bonds

And so...we've reached the end of the line. I'm so glad that so many of my readers have been loving the end book. The journey may be over, but they'll always be there for you to come back to read again. 

Available Now



They’re the D’Artigo sisters: savvy half-human, half-Fae agents of the Otherworld Intelligence Agency. Camille is the Queen of Dusk and Twilight. Delilah is a two-faced werecat and the Autumn Lord’s only living Death Maiden. And Menolly is a vampire princess and married to a gorgeous werepuma Amazon. It’s been four long years since they first found out about Shadow Wing…and now, they’re facing the end of the line. It’s time for the D’Artigo sisters to extinguish Shadow Wing’s evil forever, before he goes mad and tries to unravel the world…This is the final book in a 21-book series. I recommend reading the others before you read this.

Books From My Friends!

Deep In My Bones

After facing one of the most devious military minds in Myrian history, Tate Sullivan has removed the man who tried to take over her mind and body. Now she controls General Frederick Dagon’s affluent estate and has all the benefits of his high rank within the Guild. Life should be perfect.

But all isn’t well. Tate finds herself still tormented by the relentless man she thought she’d outwitted. Dagon taught her to anticipate her opponent's actions, to predict every nefarious scheme, but behind the scenes more enemies are lining up to take away the freedom she fought to achieve. Can Tate rely on her inner strength and the love from Quinn Belfry, the General’s Master of Blades, to defeat her greatest enemy? Or will her greatest adversary, who hides behind the Guild, bring Tate under their control forever?

Deep in My Bones is the stunning sequel to Shawntelle Madison's Under My Skin, the first title in her Immortality Strain duology.


Reborn in Fire--Limited Time Sale for .99¢!

It sucks to die screaming in fire. Trust me. The last thing I expected was to wake up amid flames that no longer burn or be rescued by a sexy stranger right before my would-be murderers return.

Sexy - AKA Jake - forces my skeptical butt to admit what I’d rather deny. Death has unleashed my Elemental power to manipulate fire magic. Now I’ve got to master my Phoenix powers before I’m killed again.

Jake’s touch ignites me like flames no longer can, and he claims the same wildness that killed my mother will drive him insane if I don’t bind myself to him for life. Can I trust that Jake’s feelings won’t flash and fade? If I don’t, he’s going to lose his mind—and we both could lose our unnatural lives.


That's all till next month!

Below you'll find the first part of Maddy's new novella.

Next month in my regular newsletter, you'll be getting the second part of Maddy's novella, along with all my other news. By then, THE SILVER MIST will be out in time for your summer reading! Until then, Bright Blessings!

Here's the first excerpt of DEMON'S DELIGHT--the new Maddy novella. As I said with The Wish Factor, if I find this posted anywhere on the web, the excerpts will stop. So enjoy it in the newsletter, peeps! I'll be putting the novella up for sale once you've had a chance to read it! 

And if you haven't read Maddy's other books, you can find buy links here: Bewitching Bedlam Series and BEWITCHING BEDLAM, the first novel in the series, is free!

A Bewitching Bedlam Novella
Copyright 2019, Yasmine Galenorn
All rights reserved

The holiday rush hit us hard, but we were weathering it with ease. Because my rib was still broken, thanks to my freakshow ex-husband, and my hip was still bruised, I couldn’t do much to help, so we hired two interns from Neverfall Academy For Gifted Students to take over some of the duties. Kelson made sure they were busy bees, leaving me free to attend to the office duties and relax.

The Bewitching Bedlam was in full swing by the first week of December, with every room booked all the way through the month. I was regretting every customer I had to turn away, and started a waiting list in case there were cancellations.

“Maddy?” Kelson popped her head around the office door. “Sandy’s here. Want me to show her into the office?”

I winced as I cautiously stood. It still hurt whenever I moved. “No, show her into the parlor. And if you would, bring some cookies and wine? Maybe gingerbread and a good Port?”

She nodded. “Do you need help?”

I shook my head. “No, I can make it, as long as I take it easy.”

As I headed toward the parlor of the massive Victorian B&B that we called home, I caught sight of a couple of our guests. They were having a leisurely brunch at the main table. I gave them a little wave and continued toward the parlor.

By the time I got there, Kelson was beside me again, a tray with a plate of mixed holiday cookies, a decanter of Port, and two cordial glasses, in hand. I stood back, letting her enter the room first so she could place the tray on the coffee table.

Sandy looked up as I entered. For once, she wasn’t wearing her usual yoga pants and gym top. Today she had on a linen pantsuit and, with her blond hair caught up in a chignon, looked every inch the refined, wealthy, business woman she was.

“Don’t you look fancy?” I grinned, shutting the door behind me after Kelson left.

“Oh, I had a corporate meeting with the board of my restaurant chain today.” She waved away her words. “It was frustrating, to say the least. You look tired.” She poured us glasses of the liqueur and handed one to me.

“I am tired. My rib still aches and it makes it hard to sleep. But it’s healing, and I’ll be all right.” I accepted the glass and, arranging a gingerbread man, a Russian teacake, and a chocolate chip cookie on a dessert plate, lowered myself into the rocking chair. It was the easiest to get in and out of. “What brings you here today? Did I forget a lunch date or something?”

Sandy shook her head, the smile fading. “No, actually. I thought about calling but I was in the neighborhood and decided to drop by. I need some advice, Maddy. And you’re the only one I really trust to understand what I’m about to ask.”

“What’s happened now?” Given all we had been through, anything could have happened. I frowned. “Jenna’s all right, isn’t she? And Max?”

“Yes, Jenna’s fine, and so is Max. It’s just…well…Max’s parents are coming to visit. We’ve never met and I’m terrified they’re not going to like me. He warned me that they’re old school shifters. They aren’t that happy that he’s marrying another witch. They liked Gracie all right, but they weren’t thrilled that she wasn’t a tiger shifter. Now, he’s chosen another witch instead of a shifter, and they’ve been more vocal in their objections. He didn’t realize I was in the next room when they were Face-Talking on the net, and I heard his mother complaining that she’ll never get the grandchildren she’s been waiting for. And when he mentioned that he was going to adopt Jenna when we got married, his father told him that it’s not the same as blood-kin and that he should really think about the family line.” Her eyes watered and she furiously tried to blink back the tears.

The look on her face was enough to break my heart. Sandy was my best friend, and we’d been best-buds for over three hundred years. To see her reduced to tears thanks to some thoughtless tiger shifter made me want to track down Max’s parents and cast a whammy on them. Maybe make them lose their stripes or something.

“Damn it to hell. What did Max say?”

“Oh, he argued with them and he stood up for me—and before you ask, yes, by then I was hiding behind the door, listening in. But in the end, they cut the conversation short and when he came out of the office, he was in one hell of a mood.” She shrugged. “It’s not like I haven’t dealt with bigots before, but I hate that his family thinks I’m not good enough for them.”

I nodded. Families could be so problematic, especially when it came to weddings. “Are they coming to the ceremony?”

She stared at her glass, then refilled it. “Yeah. I think so. I kind of wish they weren’t.”

“Do they know it’s a double wedding? If they don’t like the fact that you’re a witch, they’ll just love that their son’s getting married alongside another witch and a vampire.”

Sandy and I had opted for a double wedding and our fiancés—Max and Aegis—had happily gone along with the idea. We were getting married on New Years Eve, at twilight, in our back yard. Neither Sandy nor I wanted a huge wedding, though the guest list kept growing, it seemed, and we had opted for a theme of red, black, and white. The men would be dressed in black, we’d be dressed in red, and the snow would provide the white backdrop to everything.

And there was plenty of snow. Bedlam had been slammed by a storm in early December that had left the entire island stranded. Two feet of snow covered the island, turning it into a winter faerieland, and everything outside was sparkling like a field of frozen diamonds. Since then, we’d had two more snows that left a few more inches each, and there was no sign of melting.

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