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October 2019 - Issue #91

Project News

LearnIT2teach October Events
This past month the LearnIT2teach team did several live online events which have been archived. This included:

The team also delivered several presentations at the recent ATESL Conference.

New Video Podcast
In this seven-minute video interview, Dr. Geoff Lawrence and Rob McBride discuss Language Integration for ePortfolio (LIFE). ... This ePortfolio tool was developed to give students a space to display and share their language and cultural learning. The aim of the developers was to enable learners to track their language learning holistically, going beyond language to encourage reflection on the growth of cultural skills. ...

Web News

Board of trade pushing language training for new Canadians to enter labour force
The Burnaby Board of Trade says it’s lobbying its provincial and national counterparts to join its push for more federal funding for language training for new Canadians entering the labour force. The push comes as businesses in Burnaby, and B.C. more broadly, grapples with a labour shortage, ...

Learning Management Systems, Tools of Today’s and Tomorrow’s Learning
... A Learning Management System is basically a software system that enables easy delivery of online courses through a range of interactive and integrated online services. ... About 700 LMSs are available in the market today, ... A good LMS should provide its user the opportunity to collaborate and share along with capabilities such as course authoring, analysis and generation of reports, and providing certification, and updating the content. ... 15 Features to Look Out For in a Good LMS ...

Grammarly AI: The sweet spot of deep learning and natural language processing
... Understanding and processing natural language are among the most challenging areas of AI. Many companies have engaged in ambitious AI-based language projects. But a considerable number of them have failed miserably for not having considered the limits of current AI technologies. Meanwhile, Grammarly has found a niche suitable for the narrow capabilities of deep learning, the current bleeding edge of AI. And the right elements have helped it grow from a small app into the leading AI-based grammar checker, now valued at more than $1 billion. ...

Edmonton's Syrian refugees need ongoing support, report says
The nearly 3,000 Syrian refugees who arrived in Edmonton in recent years continue to face barriers and challenges and need ongoing support, says a report presented to councillors Wednesday. The report, Lessons from the Influx: How Edmonton Welcomed Refugees from Syria … and What We are Learning as They Strive to Put Down Roots, looks at the many challenges associated with helping refugees settle in Alberta's capital. ...

There's a different alphabet song and many aren't happy about it
Someone has changed a classic children’s tune and the internet is freaking out. In 2012, the organization Dream English created a version of the alphabet song it claims was more effective, especially for those learning English as a second language.  The song was recently rediscovered and has gone viral on social media with thousands expressing displeasure ...

Merriam-Webster Launches Puku, an Adaptive Vocabulary Training App
The publisher Merriam-Webster announced on August 20 that it had developed a title that one won’t be able to find in the reference section. Puku is a mobile app for learners aged 8-12 that delivers adaptive, personalized vocabulary training. The Neopet-style app is based around Puku, a virtual pet that evolves as learners expand their vocabularies. With Merriam-Webster’s library of definitions, the app introduces kids to new words and tracks their abilities and progress. ... The app has numerous features aimed at increasing engagement, like accomplishment milestones, feedback on performance, and rewards. Users can also make lists of their favorite words to share with friends. ...

Guidelines on the development of open educational resources policies
Open Educational Resources (OER) are teaching, learning or research materials that are in the public domain or released with intellectual property licenses that facilitate the free use, adaptation and distribution of resources. ... This publication is a step-by-step guide to develop OER policy at the national and institutional level...


Why You Should Be Afraid of “Free” Tech Tools
Surely, free is almost always better regardless if it’s food, advice, or apps. As much as we all love free things, we also know that not everything is better when it’s free. This is especially true when it comes to some apps and tech tools. Yes, we’ve recommended free apps and tools, however, there are some reasons why you should be wary of using free tech tools. ...

7 Major Learning Styles and the 1 Big Mistake Everyone Makes
...  despite its broad adaption, there’s little evidence to show that learning styles exist at all. A recent article in The Atlantic (“The Myth of Learning Styles”) described the theory, but also discussed how learners rarely study according to their self-described learning style, and those that do don’t achieve better outcomes.That said, while the learning style theory—that individual students might have a style that helps them learn better—may be complete bunk, presenting material in a variety of ways does have a lot of merit. ...

Technology in Classroom: Education Industry Trends in 2019
Let’s look at these top 7 technology trends that are reshaping education industry in 2019. ...

6 Social Learning Techniques for Online Educators
Humans are social creatures. Even the most introverted among us benefit from learning relationships, whether with our instructors, our peers, our mentors, or our mentees. In online education, where learners tend to feel more isolated, this kind of social learning especially important. However, there are several social learning techniques you can use in your course to help learners create meaningful connections that will motivate them to keep moving forward with their course material. Here’s where to start. ...


Instructor - Distance Education
We are recruiting instructors for the LINC Home Study program funded by IRCC and Online English funded by the Province of Saskatchewan. ...

Online English Teacher
Our partner school Lime English is an online English teaching company based in Beijing, China. This job role involves teaching English online to students in China, between the ages of 5-15 years old. ...

Professional Development

LearnIT2teach Annotated Bibliography New Resource: Intelligent assistants in language learning: friends or foes?
This short article offers an intriguing overview of an emerging learning landscape in which Intelligent Assistants (such as Siri and Alexa) have the potential to support the expansion of informal language learning both inside and outside the classroom. The article also looks at some of positive and negative implication of the use of these tools for language teaching and learning..

How To Make The Most Out Of Your SCORM Package Embedded Into Moodle
The word SCORM is an acronym and stands for: Shareable Content Object Reference Mode. This is a pretty confusing term for those who are not deeply into eLearning development. To make it a bit clearer, a SCORM package is actually the eLearning content transformed in such a way that it allows your LMS (Learning Management System) to track the user’s actions ... SCORM has become the dominant eLearning standard, considering it has standardized how courses are created and launched. ...

Adding H5P activities inline with your Moodle content
Adding a H5P activity to Moodle can be completed by simply creating the activity as a resource and placing it in the right order in the list of resources under a section. Of course, this is fine to use it this way. But you can also be a little bit creative and embed the H5P object inside a Moodle page by using the embed code. This means creating the H5P activity then using the embed option. ...

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ESOL Courses
Practise your English with our free interactive listening lessons, reading exercises, quizzes and games.

Welcome to sense-lang typing website Since 2001, Sense-lang has been providing a free, very unique and user-friendly typing course. Our learning method has been proven to help millions of people around the world learn, practice, and improve their typing speed and accuracy. ...

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