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Release Day for Dominic's Star (G-Force Federation) #2

Renard isn’t the one for games, but the mouthy bear might be his ace…

Dominic has always dreamed of being a ranked officer. After not accomplishing his ambition, Dominic sets out to prove he’s worthy of promoting. Achieving his goal is the redemption he needs to rid himself of the negative stigma tied to his last name.

Renard is a cranky bastard. Renard’s choices were never his own, making him live up to that name. If he wasn’t born into G-Force, he wouldn’t risk his life for other creatures. Unfortunately for him, Renard’s happiness has always come second to the family’s legacy.

When Dominic’s stupidity lands him in hot water, it’s Renard’s duty to get him to safety. That’s if he doesn’t kill the jerk before delivering him to his planet. But the bear shifter’s allure draws Renard in, making him damn near irresistible. Renard must choose between to stay in his father’s good graces or a possible future with Dominic.

Will time run out before they get the chance to mate?

Luck is not on their side.

Dominic’s Star includes kidnapping, light violence, some space fights, and two MC’s that are born enemies. It’s part of the multi-author G-Force Federation MPREG, sci-fi series. Each book in the series can be read in any order. Join the G-Force Federation gargoyle warriors as they embark on their mission to protect and serve the Federation and possibly find their fated mates.

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Books do not have to be read in order. Check out book one by LM Brown below!

What's coming up?

Next up on my writing calendar is my cute, sexy tentacles novella, Love at First Crush. It's part of an author collaboration coming in mid-April. More details to come. 

Also I'll be working on the next book in the Like Us series, Jerks Like Us as well as getting When Omega Loves with Giovanna Reaves ready for release. We've pushed it back to May due to G-Force so please look for that to come soon. 

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Since we have to do our part in keeping the numbers down for COVID-19, why not snuggle up with a few of my longer books? 
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Space Fox (G-Force Federation) Book One by LM Brown

Read for FREE in Kindle Unlimited or buy for $3.99!

Protecting his shifter from threats is easy, but can he protect him from his own ambition?

As part of the G-Force Federation, gargoyle Jude is a newly promoted pilot eager to prove himself on his first solo assignment. Unfortunately, his plans go awry when his craft is shot down, leaving him stranded in the desert.

Kirby is a fennec fox shifter on the desert world of Cairo. When Jude’s ship comes under attack he races to help him, and after the crash he offers to guide him back to the base.

Their journey across the harsh desert is fraught with dangers, one of which is the lure of Kirby’s scent as he goes into heat for the first time. Jude’s protective attitude towards him pushes all the right buttons with Kirby, and it doesn’t take much for him to persuade the gargoyle to be his first lover.

When Kirby discovers he is pregnant they know one of them will have to make a sacrifice if they want to raise their baby together, but can either of them give up everything they have ever known?


Space Fox is Book One in the multi-author G-Force Federation mpreg, scifi series. Each book in the series can be read in any order. Join the G-Force Federation gargoyle warriors as they embark on their mission to protect and serve the Federation and possibly find their fated mates.

Convincing the Heartbroken Beta by M.M. Wilde

Read for FREE in Kindle Unlimited or buy for $3.99!

Being third doesn’t mean being last. But it might take some convincing…

Brandon is a no-nonsense Alpha shifter soldier and pack leader. After many years of peacefully living without a mate, he’s stunned to discover the pregnant omega he’s just rescued belongs to him. Having no idea what to do with this scared and traumatized young man, he charges a beta with his care. Duty demands that Brandon work with the Alliance to bring those who abused his omega to justice.

As a beta from the Guardian Pack, Cameron has dedicated his life to protecting his fellow shifters. After losing out on a forever-after when his best buddy found his fated one, Cameron’s heart is too bruised to take a chance on a forbidden omega. Not only that, but he doesn’t dare cross the older and much stronger Alpha who the omega Sascha is bound to.

Omega Sascha has suffered more than any nineteen-year old man should. However, now that he’s been rescued from the experimental prison by his fated Alpha and a caring beta, he needs both men in his life—no matter how different they might be. Sascha can’t remember a time when he’s felt as safe or loved—and will do everything he can to convince Cameron to stay.

But there’s a threat lurking in the shadow that none of them anticipated…

Author’s Note: Convincing the Heartbroken Beta is the third book in the Alaskan Wolf Alliance series and features an Alpha, omega and beta who are trying to figure out what fate just threw at them. The series is best enjoyed when read in order. This romantic tale with a dose of action and suspense does include some peril to Dad and baby. But as always, there’s a fluffy, feel-good HEA and no one gets left out in the cold!

Alaskan Wolf Alliance Reading Order:

Rescued by the Alpha
Guarding the Runaway Omega
Convincing the Heartbroken Beta
Taming the Arrogant Delta (August 2020)

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