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If you enjoy a rollicking military science fiction novel, then you'll love The Forever War by Joe Haldeman.

This is a classic sci-fi novel that won the Nebula Award in 1975, and the Hugo and the Locus awards in 1976.

I just read it for the first time last month and really loved it. I make a point of going back to read the classics from time to time, because I want to know what books hit the cultural zeitgeist in the past and understand why they were so successful.

My favorite part of this novel is how Haldeman treats time—or, rather, time dilation. Each time the soldiers go out on a mission, what they experience as six months or a year is actually decades passing back at home.

When they come back, things have changed. Not just equipment, but the culture, the leadership, the state of the world.

And not always for the better.

What will the future look like? Even if Haldeman's predictions weren't necessarily spot on, they are inventive and sometimes surprising.

Grab your copy of The Forever War here.

Hope you enjoy the story.

- M.G. Herron

P.S. This is one of those books you can probably get at your local library, if you're so inclined! I use the Libby app for checking ebooks and audiobooks out of the Austin Public Library. And I don't even have to leave the house to do it!

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