Hi there friend!

I thought I'd try something new this month regarding my vintage sales for June.

Usually I write up a blog post every month listing every item that sold.You can see all the past "reports" HERE.

In lieu of a blog post and as a "bonus" to my email subscribers (that's you!), I thought I'd share some monthly highlights here in my newsletter instead. Let's jump in!

Total Sales

Total sales for the month of June were 1134.22. Pretty great right? This accounts for sales from the following:

  • Antique booth: $397.30
  • Facebook Marketplace: $468
  • Etsy: $151.94
  • Ebay: $45
  • Vintage Blog Shop: $42.98

Antique Booth

Gristmill Antique Center Booth

Here are the most notable sales from my booth:

(3) Cook books (see photo above). I buy vintage cookbooks whenever I see them for $1 or less since they are good sellers.

(2) Cutting boards, a long one ($12) and a nice handmade one in a larger size ($18). They also sell well.

(1) Handmade, vintage-style "Gather" Sign ($25). I like to have at least one farmhouse style sign in my booth at all times. I think it's attractive and they do sell.

(1) Small Pyrex "Star" casserole ($10). This is the 1st piece of Pyrex I've sold and I'm encouraged to try more.

(5) Hoosier type jars (see below). 

Facebook Marketplace (FBM)

As I mentioned last month, sales via FBM have been outstanding lately. I recently discovered that vintage items can sell really well on this platform. Here are the highlights:

(3) Oil paintings (see photo above). I have a huge stock of artwork, which doesn't tend to sell well from my booth. FBM has turned out to be a great option.

(2) Posters. One of the NY Capitol ($15) and another by Charles Harper for the NPS of Alaska ($25).

(2) Articles of of clothing (see photo below).

(1) Vintage dart board (in a cupboard w/doors) ($20).

(2) Large, brushed nickel lanterns ($40).

If you haven't already, I highly recommend reading my blog post about selling on FBM and giving it a try!


Here are the highlights of what sold on Etsy:

(3) Presentation boxes (see photo above). I probably sound like a broken record, but if you have any of these in stock, list them on Etsy and sell them for good money already!

(2) Fabric-related items (see photo below). 18 "Sun bonnet Sue's," ready for someone to applique. Cut from beautiful vintage flour sack fabrics. A 2.5 yard piece of vintage "Mod" polyester fabric.

I have sold quite a lot of fabric and sewing related items on Etsy.

Vintage Blog Shop

Here are the highlights of what sold in my Vintage Blog Shop:

(1) Green hairpin flower frog ($12.99). The Member Library has a flower frog price guide you might enjoy :) Flower frogs also sell well from my antique booth and on Etsy as well.

(3) Vintage amber wine bottles sold to a reader for $29.99 for use in her daughter's wedding.


(1) Complete Playmobile Native American set sold for $45. Playmobile sets in general are very good sellers on eBay.

I listed this set initially for $64.99, then lowered it to 54.99 after about a month. I sent a $45 offer to someone who had "favorited" it and he bought it(!). That's the first time that anyone has accepted an offer from me.

That's it for this month! I hope you enjoyed seeing what I sold and that you get some useful insights on what to buy and sell in your own business. Happy hunting!

Bye for now & stay safe,





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