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Advice To My Younger Self

Hi everyone! 👋

My younger friends have asked me for life and career advice lately, so I decided to collect some of the best advice I've come across. 

Why should we care about advice?
Advice is a gift. Many talented people have done things, hit roadblocks, learned along the way and eventually achieved success. When people are kind enough to share advice, they impart useful (and often practical) lessons that help us avoid making the same mistakes. Their advice also serves as a blueprint / guide that we can remix to create successes of our own.

This week I'll share

    • 3 pieces of my own advice
    • 5 links to illuminating advice by others, and three of my favorite lessons from each of them

    There's a ton of great content in today's issue so do remember to click into the links!

    Thanks for reading. Do hit reply or DM me @JanelSGM if anything here resonated with you.



    Life Advice

    🗣️ Janel's Advice

    • Follow your curiosity wherever it leads you
    • Don't underestimate the power of compounding, be it in skills, investing, careers or relationships
    • Always start with why when trying to get people onboard with your ideas. People don't care what you do, but why you do it

    11 Practical Pieces of Advice I'd Give My Younger Self - Polina Marinova

    • Find ways to fall into intellectual rabbit holes
    • Be interesting, not perfect
    • Love is not an emotion; it’s a skill

    Advice to my younger self - Alex MacCaw

    • Lean into your fear and learn to sit with it
    • Be less tied to being right. You’re right less often than you think
    • Be kind to yourself. Beware your inner voice

    The Days Are Long But The Decades Are Short - Sam Altman

    • Life is not a dress rehearsal—this is probably it. Make it count.
    • Given enough time, it is possible to adjust to almost anything, good or bad.
    • Don’t screw people and don’t burn bridges. Pick your battles carefully.

    Advice to my 30-year-old self - Peep Laja

    • Surround yourself with people that cheer you on
    • Start building an audience
    • The grass is greener where you water it. Take care of your closest relationships.

    How To Live A Full Life (And Leave Nothing On The Table) By 30 - Ryan Holiday

    • Know your why. You have to know why you do what you do—what you prize and what’s important to you.
    • Read books. Lots of them
    • Design the ideal day

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        Resources & Tools
        My Younger Self

        My Younger Self by Katelyn Donnelly

        This is a carefully curated book list of evergreen books that have helped Katelyn.

        Some stand out recommendations:

        • Atomic Habits (Habits)
        • One Up On Wall Street (Investing)
        • Poor Charlie's Almanack (Investing)
        Text Sniper App

        Text Sniper (Mac App)

        TextSniper is a super useful Mac app to quickly capture usually unselectable text. Use it to capture and recognize text from presentations, trainings, screencasts. 
        (H/t to Creativerly)


        Share Link Generator

        Create pre-composed text sharing links for Facebook, Twitter and other social networks (e.g. Tweet This) with this tool. I used it for the quote in this newsletter, you can check it out!

        Communities / Newsletters

        Indiestack - A private community for digital makers, bootstrappers and solopreneurs. I'm a recent member and love how giving & supportive the community is. It got to 1st place on Product Hunt on Saturday! 🎉

        - It's a weekly digest about creativity and productivity-boosting tools and resources, combined with useful insights, articles, and learnings from the fields of design and tech.

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        Quote Of The Week

        "Do new things often. Not only does doing new things seem to slow down the perception of time, increase happiness, and keep life interesting, but it seems to prevent people from calcifying in the ways that they think."
        — Sam Altman

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        Written with love in Spain by @JanelSGM
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