Happy new year ! Here's an $11 gift card ūüí•

Starting the year out is hard.

New goals, new aspirations, new diet and wellness plans. We know it all too well. For all of you who love vegan cheese and want (another) reason to continue being vegan this year, we're giving a $11 gift card away to all our customers and newsletter subscribers.

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New year, new you. Here's to 2018.

The team at Punk Rawk Labs

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Punk Rawk Labs started in 2010 as a physical therapy project. A lot has happened since then, but we are still motivated by the same quest for wellness. Authentically fermented cheese made from four simple ingredients:  organic cashews, water, culture, and sea salt.

We got picked as the best vegan cheese in this taste test!

Shoutout to our friends Bo and a Dash of Moxie on YouTube for the amazing YouTube video on this vegan cheese taste test. Go subscribe to their channel! They called us sexy!

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