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I'm not saying this is me. I'm also not not saying this is me.

I am, however, saying I crack up every single time I see it.

Bon appetit.


Whooooo! This newsletter is coming to you late today. It's been one of those weeks where you forget your coffee until you go to take a swig and get the shock of ice cold bitterness where you wanted the warm fuzzies from the nectar of the gods. And also, did you brush your hair today? At least you put on pants.

We really need gold stars for adulting.

Our eldest Jerkcat has been in and out of the vet for the last year trying to get some allergies under control. And yay! We're on the right track. But boo! He now needs insulin. Which, for those of you who haven't done this sort of thing, means two shots a day + special food at special times. This old grump has been on my heels all freaking day because there is no food in the food spot and why am I not concerned?

If you don't hear from me next week, he's probably eaten my face and found a new family who doesn't starve him. XD

Book news: Dash and Colette are moving along! Mouthy, the both of them. And stubborn. This already feels like a who can out stubborn the other couple, with some scorching sexytimes to keep them coming back for more. Yum!

Now on preorder!

New from friends!

Dragons of Mars Box Set

Don't miss this steamy five-book science fiction romance series, now collected in one volume!

Romance adventures following the human colonists and the rugged, sexy dragon shifters who've slept beneath the red sands of Mars for a thousand years... until one Earthwoman disturbs their slumber, and is claimed as their prince's mate!

Each book tells the story of one couple, as an alpha dragon and his kickass human mate find their happily ever after.

Dragon Prince's Mate
Dragon Pirate's Prize
Dragon Guardian's Match
Dragon Lord's Hope
Dragon Warrior's Heart

This sexy romance series is full of fun, excitement, and heaps of alien love. Don't miss out!


Boxed Set: The Charming Shifter Mysteries

The Entire Collection of the Charming Shifter Mysteries

In her quest to find her supernatural powers, town manager Chia honestly doesn't go looking for trouble. The thing is, trouble doesn't just find her, it moves in, puts the toilet paper on the wrong way, and eats the last of the chips and salsa.

If it's not slick politicians or money-grubbing developers, it's practical-joking vampires—the kind who live in her basement, shifters who keep getting themselves murdered, and gossipy ghosts with guilt-trips.

That's not even counting the crazy, hot bounty hunter who is hung up on solving murders, or taking down bad guys...when he's not trying to get Chia to bed.

There is only so much trouble a woman can take. All she's left with are questions. Like, what's this mysterious connection with her vampire roommate and her throbbing bloodstream? Why do the dead guys keep re-appearing? And how can she possibly take down evil when she can't seem to access her own magic with any consistency?

With trouble at every corner, and evil in the wings, the Charming, Alaska town manager will be with you in the order your call was received--if she can save her friends before they are destroyed.

Storm Shift
Power Shift
Blood Shift
Soul Shift
Star Shift

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