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WOOHOO! Lee Savino and Renee Rose are rocking this month's Alpha Obsession selection with their yummy bad boys in Alpha's Temptation. 

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And now, *blows horn* SNIPPET TIME! Because, lovelies, Savage Claim is coming to you so, so soon.

In entirely, 1000% unrelated news: sinus congestion can bite me.


He’d denied he cared and refused to help, but then he’d gone and surprised her. Oh, he’d stayed as tight-lipped and broody as before. She was also certain his face had set permanently into a scowl. Laugh? With a scowl. Cry? If his tear ducts hadn’t dried up to nothing, that was probably done with a scowl, too. Staring off into the middle distance while waiting for the dang microwave to ding? Scowly-scowl.

He’d still gone back out into the night to keep her safe.

He was still dangerous. Still a murderer. She didn’t know how to reconcile him extending his protection over her with the dark deeds that sent him fleeing in the first place.

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Releases February 11th!

New from friends!

Beastly Curse: A BWWM Beauty and the Beast Adult Romance

A passionate fairy tale about a forbidden love and a curse that only true love can cure. 

Love was never meant for a man like me until she stumbles into my forest. Isabelle Rose, with her jet black hair, mahogany skin, and intoxicating scent, called to me from miles away.

Blade is a beast of a man, a towering presence, a chiseled body, sharp fangs, and he runs with a pack of wolves. Wolves, my father helped kill. And I’m willing to trade my life for his.

My Belle… My Enemy… Our Love.

Is it possible that she’s the one to break the curse? That she can feel anything, other than fear, for a man like me?

But the moment I sense enemies lurking to reclaim my Belle, our differences don’t matter because there’s no way I’ll let them harm her. And I’m prepared to fight, hoping the solution isn’t to let her return to the real world leaving me to remain a beast forever.


Swipe Right: Paranormal Mating Bundle

This bundle features Swipe Right to Mate, Swipe Right for Love, and Swipe Right for Passion!

Swipe Right to Mate
Victoria is floundering. She's lost her home, her boyfriend, everything... rather than go back to her parents with her tail tucked between her legs, or inconvenience her best friend, she decides to take matters into her own hands.

Swipe Right for Love
Bane lost his mate five years ago and has since lived his life for his daughter, Sloane. Now that she's getting older, he's realized that Sloane needs more than he can offer, so he allows his friends to talk him into joining the mating app that changed their lives. The only stipulation, is that the women he meets have to pass his tests before they can meet his daughter, and need to know they have no hope of winning his heart.

Swipe Right for Passion
Grayson likes being alone. He has his farm, his solitude, and the occasional visit from his brother, Bane, and Bane's family. For years that has been enough, but now... Gray wants more. Not ready to leave his land, he decides to follow in his brother's footsteps and try to find a mate. He just needs someone who'll be okay living on the outskirts of society.


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