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A re-Newed 20/20 Vision
Photo by Brandon Wood

Since the beginning of this year we've witnessed a lot of changes, some that none of us would have chosen. Yet there have also been some good things. 

Superheroes have been replaced by real heroes closer to home — the healthcare worker who lives down the street, the shelf stocker at our local grocery store, and manufacturing plants, big and small, that have turned on a dime to produce life-saving equipment.

Neighbors have reached out to neighbors. Teachers have found innovative ways to teach their students online. And houses of worship have utilized new technology, along with old-fashioned ingenuity, to encourage and remind us that the Church is much more than a building.

During this time, The Oak Ridge Boys have been looking toward the future, and we have many exciting things planned. Restarting our tour, concerts in new venues and old, and a new record.

When this new year began we had no idea that we might soon be seeing things from a new perspective. But, sometimes, things change, and we have a renewed 20/20 vision. 

It's time to embrace that vision.

Come and join us!

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Photo courtesy ~ Joshua Timmermans and Blackbird Presents

What's been cooking with us ...

In the kitchen with The Oak Ridge Boys

A southern favorite

When it comes to me being home, I am an easy person to please. I love home cooked food. Meat and three places, meaning a choice of meat and three veggies, is right up my alley. And a great pan of cornbread is a must. Cornbread works with soups, salads, beans and greens, chili, and just about any southern cooked food. I am there. My OAK RIDGE GIRL, Mrs. Hank (Norah Lee), is a great cook!!!!! ~ Duane Allen

Cabbage Stew
Umm ummm good

During this strange time in our lives when we are stuck at home, I am fortunate that my Mary can ever more cook... We order out on some nights, but most afternoons Miss Gourmet is in the kitchen, and I have been reaping the benefits. My favorite? Mary’s incredible CABBAGE STEW. ~ Joe Bonsall

Pasta with red sauce
Always a favorite

My favorite quarantine meal that Donna has made is the same as my favorite when things are normal — her homemade red sauce with lots of garlic, shrimp, and scallops over whole wheat pasta. Donna may be an Alabama girl, but her sauce is as good as, if not better than, most Italians can make. Even my mom, who was 100% Italian, loved it. ~ Richard Sterban

Banana pudding
A childhood delight

Banana pudding has been one of my favorite foods since I was a little boy. I remember when I was maybe six years old, and we had company coming over after church. My mother made a banana pudding, and I couldn’t wait to tell the guests when they arrived that we were having banana pudding for lunch. When it was served, they shared about me telling them in my slow southern drawl, which was embarrassing. I thought they would never quit bringing it up. But good banana pudding is still my favorite. ~ William Lee Golden

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