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Elul 5776 Edition 4

Tu B'Av Shidduchim

One of the great things that happened on Tu B'Av was that women who had received inheritance in Eretz Yisrael were allowed to marry men from other tribes. This was originally prohibited because of the complications that arose when a man from one tribe inherited land through such a marriage that belonged to another tribe.

Today, we don't associate ourselves with a particular tribe that would divide us. Yet, we may associate ourselves with other 'tribes': American, Frenchy, Israeli, Baal Tshuva, Sefardi, Ashkenazi, Gezhe, Crown Heightser, Out of Towner, Tzfati, etc.

Tu B'Av is a time to celebrate all the 'intermarriages' we've seen over the years of these 'different tribes'. We've seen Frenchies happily marry Americans, Gezhe marry BTs, and South Americans marry Israelis.

Mazal Tov to you all!

Rabbi Manis Friedman: After the First Date...

Shidduch 121!

Shadchan Chaya Davidson relates: "I saw the Bochur's profile on Chabadmatch, it described him as coming from a Yiddish speaking home who both works and keeps active sedarim. He sounded like a great match for a girl I knew. Boruch Hashem, it worked out!"

New Feature: Travel Message Board for Shadchanim!

Lubavitchers are real globetrotters and travel often. If you are heading to Israel this summer, and have a stopover in London, why not let our Shadchanim know. They might have a great suggestion for you, but would only suggest it if they knew you were in town. Simply email with your travel dates and we will add the info to our Travel Message Board for Shadchanim.

Shadchan Up Close: Shandel Blassberg of Crown Heights

Q. How did you first get involved in Shidduchim?

A. I think everyone would love to have the experience of  helping someone get engaged. For me it started one Motzai Shabbos, my close friend was having a L'chaim for her daughter, and at  the end of the L'chaim she suggested that I start to do Shidduchim. The next day at 12pm, an old acquaintance I knew from 30 years ago called me saying her son was in Israel and he needs a Shidduch. It turns out that there was a girl at the L'chaim that was a good match for him, and Boruch Hashem I set them up and they got engaged. That first experience gave me the push to continue. I started with English speakers in Israel and continued to work on Shidduchim after we moved to Crown Heights.

Q. What Shidduchim do you specialize in?

A. I specialize in Shidduchim in which the people are looking to have a more personal touch and that the process is a more Pnimiyus process. Whether they are living in Crown Heights, out of town, or across the ocean, they agree that this is the work of the Aibershter, and we are becoming partners, and we are doing it together, I have a role, and they have a role.


Q. What advice do you have for singles in the Parsha? 

A. The time of Shidduchim can be humbling at times, there can be bumps in the road, but most bumps do not become mountains. If you surround yourself around good friends and keep yourself occupied with things that you enjoy, it will give you a positive outlook, allow you to thrive,  and turn this period into a time of growth and joy.

Mrs. Blasberg can be reached at

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