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pure bliss

3 days in the desert of Rajasthan, these pants - with stupid seams that rubbed everywhere it shouldn´t - helped me attain pure bliss the 3 following days.

Further south, I visited Hampi, an ancient city now in ruins and supposed to have had up to a million residents. Apart from an amazing inverted pyramid, I discovered the Vittala temple, known for its mysterious musical pillars. Because of mass tourism, it was forbidden to play on the pillars, but they all had a special note. At the time (1998) I did some inquiries but ended very frustrated, as apparently nobody had done any published research on these pillars, be it from our renowned music-ethnologists (Daniélou, where have you been?) or even in India.

I even tried to have a study financed by universities but there was NO interest, so I had to leave it.

Now this Indian guy (from Pennsylvania…) has done some, I wish somebody would do more research on the temple, particularly what the various notes are and how they are positioned. Ideally, there would be a show done with hundreds of musicians playing the pillars, as it is said it happened in the times, where it is supposed to have been heard from miles away.

Praveen has a site with hundreds of videos and articles on various historical sites on our planet.

And I found this page on the musical temple, mind you, foreigners have to get used to his voice.

He shows many interesting things, like possible cymatics (experiments showing the effect of sound on matter) carved in the ceiling, or even in another video a would-be Tesla coil disguised under a Lingam, supposedly the “spiritual centre of the world” (if Ramana Maharshi cared, he must have had good reasons – at 6´50). Here there could be a research on the telluric forces acting on the site, and Praveen suspects it rightly…

Unfortunately, dear Praveen seems rather damaged by modernity, as he believes in aliens and ufos…  whatever, we don´t need to follow him on this, he raises interesting questions and his researches on ancient history and archeology are very valuable, the temple as well as countless other things he found seem to prove the ancients had a way to melt granite and other stones…

He seems quite successful with it and I wish him well!

Yeh mera India

Hampi inspired me the song The City

And that´s Prabir´s temple
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Gilles Zimmermann

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