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World Celebrates Lithuanian Anniversary

The world joined us in the celebration of the century by lighting up important landmarks of the cities, by getting together on central sites for picnics, for songs and for festive runs or hikes. We hope the celebration will last till 2020 when the 30th Anniversary of the most recent independence will come along or even till 2023 when Vilnius will mark its 700th year of fame. Find more.

GLL News

GLL in 2017 - Support for More

GLL has always set high standards for its activities and has done its best in keeping the programs active and running, connecting global Lithuanians to engaging network, creating opportunities for sincere celebration. Your support will allow us to go on with what is usual and  launch and run two more initiatives - six-week camp for global Lithuanian youth in modern and innovative Lithuania as well as forums of empowerment for regional communities.

Government Meeting in Kaunas with Agenda on Diaspora Engagement

Lithuanian government has officially stated the need for the involvement of Global Lithuanian professionals into the development of our country. For decades, the proactive diaspora members have loved Lithuania from all around the world and dedicated their knowledge, investments, contacts, and time in order to improve our country's global standing. GLL continues to work with great network of these proactive people engaging their potential for the well-being of Lithuania, and is proud to hear this is becoming a national agenda. Read more.

GLL Youth Program "We Connect Lithuania"

Global Lithuanian Leaders, together with The Kazickas Family Foundation, are proud to present GLL Youth program "We Connect Lithuania" for the youth of Lithuanian diaspora devoted to the 100 Anniversary of Restored Independence. The program will offer 6 weeks of immersive professional and volunteering experience in Lithuanian-based companies, leading startups, public sector and social enterprises. In addition, the program will enable diaspora’s youth (age 16-25)  to experience the best of the modern, innovative Lithuania, discover their personal roots and contribute to country's development and global success. The registration is open from February 16 to March 15. Read more.

“Talent for Lithuania“ - Join Round of Spring 2018

GLL is proud of the success of "Talent for Lithuania". This unique program attracts bright Lithuanian graduates of foreign universities to Lithuania for the start of their career at innovative companies. It has already attracted 65 young professionals with international experience to come back to Lithuania. Now we are getting ready for the 6th round of applications for "Talent for Lithuania" program. New call for the applications starts on March 15, 2018. Will your company help to kick-start young Lithuanians career in Lithuania? More information on how to join.

Last Call To Become “LT Big Brother“ Mentor

We are looking for professionals who are working in the fields of Communications, IT, Arts, Freelance and Startups to become a Big Brother or Sister to young curious and ambitious Lithuanians in the UK, the USA, Benelux, Scandinavian regions or anywhere else in the world. Become a mentor and share your knowledge and experience! Read more and let us know about you via

LIETUVA³ Discussion “Lithuania: the Next 100 Years“

Restored Lithuania is celebrating the 100th Anniversary. GLL together with Law Firm TRINITI invited to discuss the vision of the next 100 years. It was explored by A.L.Telksnys, initiator of internet development in Lithuania, R.Gudauskas, Director General of National M. Mažvydas Library, A.Guoga, Euro-parliamentarian, K. Stankutė-Jaščemskienė, director of Global Lithuanian Leaders. The recording of the discussion.

Forum of Global Lithuanian Professionals | Update

GLL has decided to follow the progress of ideas charged for action at the Forum of Global Lithuanian Professionals and have regular updates on its success.

Fifty Global Professors for Lithuania. Direct contact at the Ministry of Education Advisor E. Butkus confirmed their readiness for international applicants under the most recent program of 20 mln euros for international research projects. The Ministry have decided to proceed with action, observe the interest of researchers and prevailing trends, and then adapt the program accordingly. It was agreed to cooperate in coordinating the communication of invitations as well as valuable reactions of globals. 

Unicorn valey - diaspora start-up fund and competence hub. GLL initiated the meeting of potential stakeholders of the fund which was attended by M. Jurgilas of the Bank of Lithuania,  R. Laukien the founder of life science start-up fund in London,  A. Lukoševičius founder of the similar fund in the US,  G. Galkis, founder of business angel association in the Baltics  Litban. It was decided to look for similar funds worldwide and finalise its structure and description. 

Boost of Lithuanian Regions. GLL, City Alumni and  Association of Lithuanian Municipalities have agreed on cooperation and areas of competence and plan to sign the Memorandum of Cooperation in March. Moreover,  GLL in cooperation with Global Shapers have started ESFA project on the engagement of young regional communities executed in the form of numerous forums and trainings. 

GLL Members

Neringa Užomeckienė lives with her family in Germany. She is an active Lithuanian community member and enthusiastic fan of sports. This year for the occasion of 100th Anniversary of Restored Independence she organised the Centennial running in Manheim where all Lithuanians together ran off 382 km. The Centennial is important as  the date of union of all Lithuanians around the world. In her opinion, for Lithuania it is really important to keep relations with Lithuanians abroad and to encourage them preserve  identity for future generations. Read more.

Vaidas Matulaitis lives in Tallinn for more than 11 years now.  Maximum efficiency in process planning, being precise with timing and responsible for promises – these are the features he has gained in Estonia. Being a proud Lithuanian comes by default. Here you have a responsibility to represent your country. Estonian friends, colleagues, neighbors will be making their judgments about my country according to their personal experience. It is responsibility to represent your country as well as an opportunity to create positive image of Lithuania. Read more.

New GLL member Kęstutis Rudzika lives in Brussels and works as Tax Lawyer and Transfer Pricing Director at RoyaltyRange, a database provider with three professional databases, covering royalty rates, loan interest rates and service fees. In his opinion, Global Lithuanians could help Lithuanian startups as Lithuania has many smart and capable people. Just a little support could help these people do wonders and achieve great results. He does his share by mentoring and sharing professional experience. He is proud and happy to see Lithuanians succeed.

New GLL member Monika Milinauskytė is an international development professional specializing in public health and Information at Communication Technologies for Development (ICT4D). For the past 7 years she has worked across international service delivery organizations in the UK, Switzerland, India and Niger. Just like Kestutis, she believes that the success recipe and the driving force for growth is the people. We have to take the action into our hands and create opportunities for ourselves and others. She believes GLL network is an excellent platform to brainstorm, generate and implement ideas.

GLL Events

LIETUVA³ Discussion - Save the Date || March 14

GLL in cooperation with Law Firm TRINITI, National Martynas Mažvydas Library and enocurage to mark March 14 on your calendar and join for one more discussion on the topic of key relevance. Follow GLL FB page for more.

GLL Networking Back to Vilnius || Easter Volume | March 28

Easter crowd is a nice mixture of visiting and returning globals, all in good spring mood and with best networking intentions. Let us meet at Salionas again and greet spring together, it should hang in the air by then. Follow GLL FB page for more.

7th Annual Lithuanian Conference on Economic Research  and Baltic Economic Conference || June 11-12 || Martynas Mažvydas National Library

Annual event of global Lithuanian researchers in Economics and Finance this year grew to cover all three Baltic states. Read more.   

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