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This month we start with some inspiration and practical help for cultivating resilience - especially for people and organisations working for a fair and sustainable world. 

Thanks to the folks who suggested this after our last newsletter; we hope that even in some small way, this helps meet your need.

As we write, the sun is shining brightly between sleety showers driven by strong, blustery winds. Exciting, energising weather whether you're well wrapped up outdoors, or watching the scene change through the window!

time to slow down

"The work of social change is stressful enough on its best days. But if we are moving without intention, without mindfulness and without awareness of how we are moving, it can easily add to what is already a challenge.

"So we need to learn to slow down, while acknowledging the urgency of this moment."

Wise words from nonviolence trainer Kazu Haga - that apply not just to activists, but to any and all of us working for a fair and sustainable world. Read Kazu Haga on the urgency of slowing down…

how to slow down - and get more done

Morag Watson shares exactly how she slows down to deal with her relentless, demanding and stressful work as leader of a conservation NGO without burning out.

Her daily practice is inspired by the unlikely combination of Andy Murray and Natural Change. Read Morag Watson on the discipline of recovery: how working an hour less each day gets more done…

slow down and connect on a natural change netwalk

Would you like to slow down and connect with other people who share interests around sustainability, CSR, wellbeing, social justice, democracy etc?

Developed and successfully trialled last year in Edinburgh by Osbert Lancaster and good friend of Natural Change, Tom Deacon, from this spring we are offering netwalks in more locations. We'd love it if you could join us. 

"A fantastic event – a great opportunity to take some time out to think and breath, and talk to some great people. Looking forward to the next one!" 

Find out more…

solutions from natural change

Short course: 23rd-28th April 2017

LAST FEW PLACES 5 day residential in Glen Feshie for people in the private, public and third sectors who want to improve their ability to lead and bring about change – in their team, organisation, community or across wider society.

Leadership Programme: 15 days over 9 months, starting September 2018.

Catalyst Projects: for critical, complex challenges. Bespoke.

Netwalking: Edinburgh and Stirling 5.30 - 8.00pm, various dates from April. Other locations to be announced.

institutions are good at maintaining systems but not at changing them

"We need institutions to keep the world working and the lights on. But we also need to change those institutions for the sake of our planet."

Writes Lewis Pugh, whose record breaking endurance swimming and negotiation skills both helped shift Russian intransigence to create the Ross Sea Marine Protected Area - the world’s largest protected wilderness, on land or water. Read: Lewes Pugh on the lost art of negotiating…

environmental growth in cornwall: if not me now, then who, when?

Like Lewes, we believe everyone has an innate capacity to care for others and the rest of the natural world. And that all too often this capacity is thwarted by institutions that are slow to change.

We work with people in positions of leadership and influence to change institutions and cultures, to help create the conditions where people, organisations and nature can flourish together.

Rachael Bice, a senior manager in Cornwall Council, led the development of Cornwall's novel and ambitious environmental growth strategy. She credits Natural Change for nurturing the conviction, courage and insight she needed:

My Natural Change experiences generated an immense sense of responsibility within me that combined with a deep feeling of empowerment. I saw the opportunity to make a difference through my position at work and realised I had to find the courage to do so. A feeling of ‘if not me now, then who, when?‘

Read Rachael Bice's case study…

If you would like to pick up on anything in the newsletter, know more about our work, recommend items that you've found inspirational or helpful, or just to say hello and catch up, please do get in touch.

With warm wishes for a great spring!

Dave, Debby, Joy, Morag, Osbert, Pam, Rachael, Richard, Rob & Rupert
The Natural Change Team

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