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Happy New Year!

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It's a little early, I know, but a very Happy New Year to you when 2019 arrives in your part of the world! Let's start the year with a fun question for all readers. Do you like humor and/or comedy in your fiction? I write serious thrillers and sci-fi, but I like to sneak a few funny bits in every now and then. Do you like a bit of humor in your fiction or is it best avoided by authors? I love reading your replies and they help to inform my own writing. I'll draw one reply at random and send a $10 Amazon gift e-card to the winner. Last month's winner is announced at the bottom of the page :-)

Great TV: Narcos Mexico

If you're looking for a great series to binge watch over the holiday period, we just finished watching Narcos Mexico and I can't get enough of it - roll on series 2! The original Narcos series is excellent too. Also recommended on TV is Harlan Coben's 'The Five' if you can access it where you live. It's a great 'twists and turns' story, as you'd expect from Harlan Coben.

My 2019 Writing Plans

I've set some pretty ambitious writing plans for 2019 and I'm not quite sure that I'm up to it! I'm going to try to write three books by the end of March - that's quite a tall order, even for a reasonably fast writer like me. Due to my wife's work shifts changing in the New Year, it increases my writing time from January 2019 - I like the house quiet and free of distraction. Let's see if I can do it :-)

Christmas in Spain

I'm in Spain over Christmas and New Year, enjoying the blue skies and warm weather. I returned to jogging at the end of 2018 and I will be running the 4k IX San Silvestre Benidorm Christmas Run 2018 while I'm over there. I'll be working too, by the way! I intend to take lots of photos and record some location videos, they'll probably be ready to show you in next month's email update. Benidorm is the back-drop for my thriller 'Who To Trust', it made a great location for a book.

What I'm Reading

I've taken lots of reading out to Spain with me, some of it related to improving as a writer (a journey that never ends!) and some of it for pure fun. I'm considering writing some military sci-fi in 2019 so, to get me in the mood, I'm reading a writer pal's books, The Royal Marine Space Commandos series. My kindle is also loaded up with plenty of thrillers - Anything You Do Say/Gillian McAllister and The Lucky Ones/Mark Edwards to name just two - oh, and a Harlan Coben book too.

$10 Amazon Voucher Winner!

Congratulations to Sherry Vaughan who won a $10 e-gift card for sending over her thoughts on the best kind of ending for a book/TV series/movie. I've found your responses to my writer questions so interesting to read that I'm going to turn them into blog posts. Once I've done that, I'll share them with you in one of my monthly emails, they make fascinating reading :-) By the way, I've added the video of me making the draw so you can see how I handled the random selection process.

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