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Lucy's Personal Update:

Greetings everyone! To those who had sent me replies to last week's newsletter, thank you so much for your heartfelt messages. I know you've probably been inundated with hundreds of emails about how every company under the sun is practicing hand-washing, so it means a lot to me that you would actually open and read my letter. 

Now that I'm not running around wedding planning, I have time (for better or for worse...) to focus on updating my website and getting back into the business side of things.

Here's what's new.

    Timeless Trends overstock is now ready to go!
    Check out the TT overstock selection!
    Lucy wears the Jade corset by Glamorous Corset

    Brand new + discounted corsets that ship immediately from the US

    As mentioned last week, I was recently contacted by a small, family-based business who used to carry Timeless Trends corsets, but they had shut down their shop in 2018 (following the changes to TT’s business structure) and they still have some leftover corsets.

    These corsets were produced several years ago and are still brand new, sealed in-bag and ready to be shipped immediately from within the US! (No waiting for the corset to be produced in-factory and shipped from overseas to you.)

    While the TT factory is practicing proper hygienic standards as usual, the overstock option accommodates any US customers who would prefer not to order internationally at this time, as well as ordering from this selection helps clear out old stock and financially helps a family with small children during this difficult time.

    What's available:

    Please note that consignment items are final sale.

    If you'd like to see ALL brands I carry, see the full shop here.

    And of course, if you would like me to recommend a style that fits you best, check out my free fitting service here.

    Want to see what's in stock in your size? There's a filter for that!
    Find corsets in stock in your size HERE
    Lucy wears the Jade corset by Glamorous Corset

    All limited corsets are now categorized by waist size

    As the limited edition and discounted corsets dwindle, some sizes are out of stock, and this gets pretty frustrating when you're looking for something in your size.

     This page organizes all the limited edition corsets by which sizes are still in stock! Please note that this only shows the limited corsets (Rebel Madness, Vollers, and TT overstock items shipped from the US). For non-limited edition corsets, all sizes are in stock at all times!

    Don't know your corset size? Fear not, I give size recommendations for free.

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