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Practical Gardening Monthly

Hello Gardening Friends!  Happy February to you! I'm back with more tips, advice and inspiration for your gardens ... 

Read on for what's new with my FlowerChick website, a handy February Garden "To Do" list, sit back and relax while touring  beautiful botanical gardens from your favorite comfy chair and more ...

February 2020 Edition
February Garden Tips for the Zone 5 & 6 Gardener
    • Relax  Now's the time to order and devour seed and nursery catalogs  : )
    • Plan  Plot your garden on paper.  Review what worked last season and what needs improvement.
    • Start Vegetable Seeds By mid February you can start broccoli, brussels sprouts, cabbage, kale and lettuce.
    • Feed the Birds The weather is still cold so hang "fat balls" for your feathered friends and keep bird feeders topped up and clean.
    • Check Your Tools  Use a file to sharpen the edges of your shovel, hoe, and pruners so they're ready to go in the Spring.
    • Get Creative It may be warm enough out in the garage to start building window boxes, arbors, birdhouses and garden benches. 
    • Force Bulbs Indoors It's easy to do and satisfies your flower fix. The easiest bulbs are crocus, hyacinths, muscari, and mini-daffodils. Ahh-hh a taste of Spring!
    • Place Your Plant Orders Don’t hesitate to start placing your plant orders now. Many varieties have a limited supply and may sell out as early as the first of March!
    • Check Supplies  Review stock of all gardening necessities such as hand tools, fertilizers, rose and insect sprays, and make a list of what you need.
    • Start Annual Flower Seeds By mid February you can start seeds for cool season annuals such as pansies and alyssum.
    • Tune Up the Mower Beat the rush and take it in now for service and sharpen the blade.
    • Wash Pots Use hot, soapy water and rinse so they're set for spring planting.
    • Visit a Botanical Garden Give yourself a dose of warmth and humidity by visiting an indoor public garden near you. You'll get some ideas for your spring garden, too.
    • Shop Sales Garden centers may have some great prices on garden accessories and tools left from last year. Flower Chick loves a bargain!

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    Flowers always make people better, happier, and more helpful; they are sunshine, food and medicine for the soul.

    Luther Burbank

    Travel To Midwestern Gardens

    Need a little gardening inspiration? Crave a little cheer on these gray, wintry days?  Get inspired by the Midwest’s gorgeous botanical gardens, arboretums, and other stunning natural attractions! Join us as we visit these wonderful Zone 5 & Zone 6 sites. 

    Follow along and plan your own trips … you’ll even find a guide of local attractions to enjoy in the various towns and cities. Come back often as we keep adding new posts to our Illinois Gardens , Indiana Gardens, Michigan Gardens & Wisconsin Gardens categories.

    Cantigny Park Wheaton IL

    Located approximately 30 miles west of Chicago, Cantigny has a rich history and offers 30 acres of spectacular gardens that change every season.

    Indiana Dunes & Friendship Botanic Gardens

    Much of Indiana’s Lake Michigan shoreline is part of America’s newest National Park, the Indiana Dunes National Park.

    Rockford IL the City of Gardens

    My three favorite gardens in the Rockford area are Anderson Japanese Gardens, Klehm Arboretum & Botanic Garden, and Nicholas Conservatory & Gardens. They all offer so much to see!

    Visit The Domes in Milwaukee WI

    The perfect antidote for cold weather and the winter doldrums?  Why, a visit to the indoor horticultural paradise of Milwaukee’s famous Domes!

    Do you like sharing stories?

    Is there a botanical garden, arboretum, or nature area you love and would like to see us feature?  Please share below ...

    Tell Us About Your Favorite Garden

    Did you know ...

    Rose Trivia - The world’s most expensive rose is a 2006 variety by famed rose breeder David Austin that was christened Juliet. Breeding the rose took a total of 15 years and cost 5 million dollars. Juliet is now considered the world’s most expensive rose cultivar. (see photo above)

    Love houseplants?  Read about our "rescues" ... Prickly the Holiday Cactus and Flora the Dracaena Fragrans by clicking on their names! (they are pictured above) Both are easy care plants you may want to add to your collection.  Care tips provided ...

    Thanks for reading!!  I hope you enjoyed the February newsletter.  Take care and a Happy Valentine's Day to all ... see you in March with more tips and inspiration for your gardens. We're getting closer to Spring!

    ~ Laura a.k.a. Flower Chick

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