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After a year and a half of Covid restrictions, we finally got our first company. Paul’s brother, Tom, and sister-in-law, Lynn (whom we visited in our RV in South Dakota last summer) just bought a new RV while “snowbirding” in Arizona. They drove what JP calls “their mansion on wheels” up to see us and the youngest Salonen brother, David, in Modesto before starting their trek home.

Here’s a side-by-side shot of our rigs when Paul and I spent a night in Modesto. Slightly different size, wouldn’t you say? Size really only matters—RV-wise—if you plan to live in your rig fulltime. Paul and I aren’t doing that, yet, so we’re content with our jaunty little “box on wheels.” 😉 

We enjoyed a fun reunion party with brother Don working the grill. (Photo: Four out of five Salonen brothers. From left: Tom, Paul, Dave, and Don—birth order numbers 1, 2, 5 and 3, respectively.)

The next day, we were treated to a sheep shearing exhibition. Although we had our doubts, no sheep were hurt during this process. (I can’t say they weren’t traumatized.)

We three sisters-in-law—Lynn, Karryn and I—needed two mimosas to get over it. 🙂

The party continued at our house the following weekend with wiffleball golf, kite flying, smoked tri-tip (it’s a California cut of beef) with Kelly’s boyfriend, Dan, at the grill, and a delightful trip down memory lane when I brought out old photo albums. If the pandemic taught us nothing else, we learned to appreciate the importance of family and making the most of those moments you can be together.

Last week's Q&A wasDo you have a pet? Yes or No? (I may have asked a form of this question before, but I’ll tell you why it’s come up again next week.)

I KNEW a great many of you would answer YES! Thanks for sharing your sweeties with me.

Here’s why I asked: when we got back from our flooring job in Pine Mountain Lake, we found our sweet Blue Healer, Jessie, in a very bad way. She’d spent the night at our daughter’s house and got into the trash. No surprise. Jessie loves food of any kind—especially the cat’s. Apparently, she ingested something bad for her (possibly a granola bar with raisins?). I thought she’d had a stroke. She couldn’t get up. Her eyes were glassy, her belly bloated. She refused to eat or drink. I got the first appointment possible at the vet the next day, but when I kissed her goodnight, it was with tears in my eyes. I wasn’t sure she’d still be with us in the morning.

To my profound surprise, she was quite a bit more lucid and moving when I got up. She drank water, then walked down the steps to go outside. Still wobbly and not herself, but much, much better. She even ate some scrambled eggs. The vet agreed with our diagnosis—food poisoning of some kind—but her temp was good and he couldn’t feel any blockages or strange objects in her belly. We took her home feeling extremely hopeful.

And by the following morning, she was back to normal.

Whew! Before this happened, I never would have guessed common human foods could be so bad for our pets. Consider my experience your cautionary tail…er, tale. Now, pet owners, go hug your fur-, feathered- or scaled-baby/ies.

My two randomly selected winners this week are:

Teresa Fordice

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This week’s Have you ever played Bocce Ball? Yes or No?

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Next week: RVing with Fred and Colleen…yes, again. 😉 And the reason behind the Bocce question.



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