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Season Two

Okay, so a couple weeks ago I finished Season One of my YouTube channel show called Voices from an Unreal World. It dealt mostly with some readings from my autobiography along with some readings from The Sour Eye, with explanations of all the ways those stories tie in with everything I’ve written. I’m gonna link the finale of Season One down below so you can get a look at a conversation I had with two prominent self-published writers named Richard Nell and Sarah Chorn. It’s right at the bottom. Take a look if you want. We talk about all kinds of things in the industry and some things from our personal lives. It’s a pretty fascinating conversation, but I shouldn’t be surprised because they’re fascinating people and fantastic writers. I learned a lot during Season One, and it really showed me what my goals were for Season Two.

I started doing something else at the same time. On my birthday, I decided to release an entire section from my autobiography called The King’s Concubine. It started with a story called Mystery Man. Then I released a new blog every two and a half hours. I’d never seen this done before with a blog. Maybe it has been, I’m no expert. But I really enjoyed it, marked it as a cool little thing I would do once, and walked away.

But a few weeks later, I got the idea to do it again. This time the series was called Guardian’s War. Guardian’s War is the story of one of the alters of my DID and his fight for justice for four traumatized kids. It was an extremely difficult part of my life, and it tells of the break of my sanity, and just what I was willing to do to save four kids. Guardian’s War was very well received. That blog series was followed avidly by a number of people. The King’s Concubine lasted for thirty hours. Thirty hours of one new blog every two and a half hours. Guardian’s War lasted for fifty-four. Every two hours and fifteen minutes for fifty-four hours, a new story came out about this struggle.

Couple weeks later I did it again. I released a series of blogs called The New Girl, detailing when me and Bekah, my wife, first got together, and everything that happened afterwards that caused us to fall apart. Well, a span of two years separates these two. Between The New Girl and Guardian’s War is two years of me putting my life back together, and me and Bekah finding each other again. It’s a story of pain and hope. There are about ten to thirteen blogs in this series, and in a couple of weeks I plan on doing another one of these, what we’re calling blog blasts, that tell the story of the aftermath of The New Girl.

Well, the next story to tell is the aftermath of Guardian’s War. I’ve decided that while I am going to tell this as a blog blast eventually, what I most want to do is read it on my show to discuss things that come after it, because it’s such an important part of my life. Season Two of Voices from an Unreal World will be about the aftermath of Guardian’s War and, when it’s done, I’ll do the blog blast. Then the story of me and Bekah’s two break ups and us picking up the pieces will have been told.

So, the first release of the first video will come May 14, 2021. Look for it, because this particular part of my life takes a lot of explanation. It’s too fresh in my mind, and too dear to me for me not to share it with you personally.


April 15, 2021, I finished The Madness Wars epic saga in four books and a companion book. It was a major undertaking to put out a book of this size every six months for two years. And now that it’s over, it’s time to celebrate. I’ve created a digital omnibus available on Amazon for $9.99. It is over 3,000 pages, over one million words, of epic fantasy from my world. It ties in with everything else I’ve ever written. Here it is. Check it out.

The Silent War of the Sour Eye

Download this free ebook available exclusively through my newsletter. This short story collection includes "The Banshee," "The Slave," "The Gilded Mares," "Son of the Demontser," and the most recent addition, "The Forge of Souls."



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