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BlackHer Shero of the Week

Our BlackHer Shero of the Week is Bonnie St. John, the first African-American to win medals in Winter Olympic competition. She won a silver and two bronze medals in skiing at the 1984 Winter Paralympics in Innsbruck, Austria.

Today, St. John is working to help more women of color succeed in corporate America as the CEO of the Blue Circle Leadership Institute. 

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Lori Lightfoot Gets the Gold!

Speaking of Black women who are firsts, on April 2nd Lori Lightfoot became Chicago's first Black female and openly gay mayor.  And we are here for ALL.OF. IT!

Black women are now mayors of some of the biggest U.S. cities, including Atlanta, Baltimore, Charlotte, New Orleans, San Francisco, Washington, DC, and now, Chicago. 

BlackHer contributor, Kelly, is excited about what our leadership means for our democracy and so are we!  

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And the Image Award Goes to...

Did you know that Sammy Davis Jr. and other artists gathered over 50 years ago to create the NAACP Image Awards?  

Why?  To counter damaging stereotypes of us in film and other media and to celebrate the success of talented Black artists, who were routinely passed over by other award shows.  

Angela stopped by the NAACP Image Awards this year to go glam and honor some of the best in the business! 

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Because #BlackWomenLead

Higher Heights is the only national organization dedicated to providing Black women (like us!) with a political home to:

  • harness our power to elect Black women;
  • influence elections; and,
  • advance progressive policies.

They recently launched the Chisholm Legacy Campaign in honor of Shirley Chisholm, the first Black woman to serve in Congress and the first Black woman to run for President. 

The goal of the campaign is "to train the next generation of Black women leaders and organize and mobilize Black women voters to elect officials who will be fully accountable and responsive to a progressive agenda."

We're in! Are you?

Learn more, sign up, and donate today!


Need Inspiration?

British street artist, “Dreph,” gives us the shine we deserve.  


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