Last week we asked for the advice from our users on How to become a Digital Nomad and received pretty useful, diverse and meaningful answers from almost a dozen people. Check it out

Some excerpt examples: 

  • Prepare well. Don’t let everything be new for you at the same time;
  • Get a remote job or start a business before leaving your home; 
  • Pay attention to your legal residence, domicile and tax situation; 
  • No house – no problems :-P

Read all the exhaustive answers here

To the Extreme as a Digital Nomad 

April marks a year since Orest Zub joined NomadMania as the managing partner. Actually, many recent developments on our platform became possible thanks to his over a decade-long experience combining remote work and travel.

If you'd like to see how someone took a digital nomad lifestyle almost to the extreme, listen to this episode of Counting Countries podcast

By the way, just a reminder that the podcast host, Ric Gazarian, is organizing the Extraordinary Travel Festival this Nomvember in Bangkok where the NomadMania Travel Awards will take place live. So, join us :-)

See the details and get your ticket here - 

New Women Envoys

Our envoy programme is growing and we are happy to announce that more and more women travellers become our Envoys. Meet: 

See the full list of Envoys here and consider joining or recommending someone for a vacant position. But first learn the responsibilities of our Envoys.

NomadMania Meetings in Canada 🇨🇦

Last weekend was busy. We simultaneously hosted meetings on the opposite sides of Canada in Toronto and Vancouver respectively. 

In Toronto 17 travellers showed up representing 8 countries (Canada, Turkey, Nicaragua, Ukraine, India, Philippines, Russia and USA). Special thanks for setting things up to Mike Dodge, our Envoy for Eastern Canada and a professional travel hacker.

The meeting in Vancouver was organized as a potluck dinner party at a condo of Ernestine Chan, our Envoy for Western Canada. 11 people joined including Marc Way, who flew all the way from Germany and  Tom Wong, who is at 192, waiting for North Korea to open. 


Everyone left in a upbeat mood and ready for the next gatherings ...

Check out our Events Calendar here with meetings all over the world.

New DARE places

New DARE places (all in Western Asia megaregion) of this week are: 

PHOTO: Upper Machakheli, also known as Yukarı Machakheli, is part of the Machakheli Valley, which spans both Georgia and Turkey offering a captivating blend of natural beauty, cultural richness, and adventure, making it an interesting off-the-beaten-path experience in the well travelled Turkey.


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