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We are celebrating World Pangolin Day on 16 February 2019. On this big day, we run a fundraising campaign to help rescue, release and taking care of pangolins. We will organize special tour for 40 people to visit our Carnivore and Pangolin Education Center as well as the rescue center. 

Pangolin Artwork - $500

Nevertheless, we sell a fascinating art work of pangolins'tail-print to also raise fund for pangolin food in this year. The artwork is presented to public on 14 Feb and will be hang in Education center until it’s sold.

If you would like to buy, please contact us at

Over 200 pangolins seized close to Lunar New Year

In the first month of 2019, we completed the biggest pangolin rescue ever seen. We received 168 pangolins out of 218 in total from that seizure on 17 Jan. We transferred 52 of them to Pu Mat rescue center and the rest of them moved to Cuc Phuong.

Moreover, we also rescued two Sunda pangolins at the Police of Nghe An province on 12 Jan and five Sunda Pangolins at the Police of Dakrong District, Quang Tri province on 26 January.

However, due to long distance transport in poor conditions while being poached, many animals were so sick and dehydrated, so about half of these animals died at rescue centers shortly after.

Because we have only three vets that had to divide into two teams to work at two different places, we called out for support from veterinary all over the world. We got very good response from the vet from everywhere in the world that dedicated to come down and support us. Huge thanks to them, more pangolins saved and we will continuously take care the alive pangolins until release time.

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Continue to inspire children in wildlife conservation
9 trips with 234 children and 46 teacher and parents joined the “Valuing Nature in Childhood” program this January.

The next trip will organize on 18 February after the holiday. Early spring trips will bring more interesting and fun things for children.

6 trips with 140 students and 12 teachers joined the first two trips of the “Protect the Wildlife We Love” program this January.

Joining program, children will have a whole morning full of exciting activities to explore the nature, flora and fauna in the Botanical garden at Cuc Phuong National Park, and taking part in group games. In the afternoon, they will visit Carnivore and Pangolin Education Center to learn about the wildlife as well as understand the impact of illegal hunting, trading, captive breeding in Vietnam.

Conservation education is a key!
Community-based Project

Successfully conducted 9 workshops for 1,155 people of forest-based community

Ending the workshop series "Discussing solutions for economic development and raising awareness about wildlife protection at Pu Mat National Park", Save Vietnam’s Wildlife in collaboration with the PuMat National Park organized the last 4 days of workshops in four communes of Tam Hop, Tam Quang, Tam Dinh in Tuong Duong district and Phuc Son commune in Anh Son district from 8th to 12th January, 2019.

There were 1,155 people who are locals, hunters, wildlife traders and local government officials attended the 9 seminars. The workshop gave people specific information about the situation of trade and hunting of wild animals, raising people's awareness about wildlife protection; as well as helping people become more aware of changing livelihoods, discussing on suitable local livelihoods.

Site Protection

A busy month for our Anti-poaching Team

We welcomed 8 new anti-poaching rangers to our family. Seven of them had come Cuc Phuong to join our annual meeting. After Tet holiday, they will come back Cuc Phuong to have 3-weeks training course before starting to conduct patrolling with other members.

This season is the busiest time for our Anti-poaching team and rangers. One of the recent trips of Anti-poaching team and rangers, we arrested 5 local hunters with 5 guns and lots of traps. One lucky wild pig was released, but sadly 2 Indochinese Grey Langurs and one dead wild pig. That five hunters are now faced with 1-5 years in prison and/or financial fine $US 22,000-90,000. In another case, we arrested 7 people with 7 guns, lots of traps and many dead animals. We work hard to stop to hunting and illegal poaching in Pu Mat national park.

Research project

Set up camera traps entire Pu Mat National Park

Tan participates in systematic camera trap installation on the entire Pu Mat National Park together with IZW. In January, Tan had completed 20 camera trap locations in the area. Up to now, the installation of camera traps has been completed on the entire area of Pu Mat National Park. For the next step, the team will schedule to collect these camera-traps to get the results.

The other team continuously follows two pangolins with a transmitter. They will be able to change the battery of these transmitters in the next month so the work would not be interrupted.

Research project

Finding new solution on animal tracking

Meeting with Wildlife Drones to find a new solution for animal tracking under the steep terrain of high hill range. The system supposed to be helpful for following released animal and collecting enough data for monitoring. The benefits of this system are that multiple transmitters can be monitored at once, the drone can cover several kilometres in a single 30-minute trip, and it can go above the canopy, gaining more height than researchers working at ground-level and therefore a better chance of detecting a transmitter’s signal. It promises to be a far more efficient system than standard ground-based VHF telemetry which SVW is applying. 

SVW End Year Meeting

This is one of the rare occasion that all SVWers got together to discuss what we have achieved in the last year. We also reviewed and got feedbacks on what to improve on for our activities in 2019. Together, we set up new goals and dedicate our time trying our best to accomplish these goals.

Organizational Donors
Whitley Wildlife Conservation Trust Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund
Welttierschutzgesellschaft e.V Vingroup
Taronga Conservation Society Australia Houston Zoo
OAK Foundation Highlands Coffee
Olsen Animal Trust US Fish and Wildlife Service
Nashville Zoo Wildlife Reserves Singapore
Future For Nature Adward Friends of Tallinn Zoo
Synchronicity Earth Ocean Park Conservation Fund
The Zoological Society of London EAZA's Small Carnivore Taxon Advisory Group
WildAid Alice C. Tyler Perpetual Trust
Wildlife Conservation Network Minara Nature Foundation
The Biodiversity Foundation Wroclaw ZOO
Humane Society International Denver Zoo Explorer Post
Riverbanks Zoo & Garden Greater Goods
Young Southeast Asian Leaders Initiative Wild & Free - Rehabilitation and Release
Fondation Segré
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Alan Schildwachter Jennifer Yu
Alex DeGray Jillian Rutherford
Alexandra Underwood Jimmy Helgesson
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