Dear GLL community and friends,  

The first ever GLL Summer Gathering in the National Gallery of Art in Vilnius last week was sunny with positive, full of curious and shiny faces of speakers and participants, and extremely colourful spectrum of topics we covered in one afternoon! 

We are thrilled to have brought together the curious audience of visiting and returning globals from as far as Hong Kong, Dubai, Dhahran and Los Angeles, as close as Riga, Tallinn, Stockholm, Copenhagen, London; representatives of government institutions (European Commission, Ministries of Economy and Foreign Affairs, Enterprise Lithuania, Invest Lithuania, MOSTA), managers of international corporations, owners of Lithuanian businesses, representatives of Lithuanian and foreign universities.  

Once again, we thank our partner global cybersecurity company CUJO AI who enabled 6 highly motivated and talented diaspora students to join our event. Also, mobile audio system INTERACTIO for helping to break down our language barriers.  

Honestly, we are a bit overwhelmed with such a positive feedback which followed the event. Your enthusiasm makes us commit to grow and turn our summer gatherings into one more meaningful tradition, along with GLL Forum and Global Lithuanian Awards

Bellow you will find key take-outs from some of our speakers, but before you carry on, mark two dates in your calendars in red:

DECEMBER 27, 2019 – 
GLL Forum and Global Lithuanian Awards

JULY 9, 2020 –
GLL Summer Gathering

Some Moments to Remember

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Einaras Von Gravrock | USA

Laureate of Global Lithuanian Awards 2018, co-founder of CUJO AI, Einaras von Gravrock shared his impressions of  WEF in Davos where he was invited to the panel on the importance of cyber-security in the contemporary digital transformation. This invitation brought Cujo AI and Lithuania to the level of business giants „Airbnb“, „Google“, „Kickstarter“, „Mozilla“, „Spotify, „Twitter“. However, Lithuania struggles to compete in the field of technological innovations and therefore more meaningful participation of Lithuanian businesses in global discourse. In order to achieve that, it is necessary to have a strategic goal to lead in innovative sector of AI. The government shall create favourable environment for the talent to grow by inviting the top scientific minds as teachers and advisors, while business shall be motivated to engage the talent. Constant efforts would lead to eventual creation of Lithuanian "Nokia" in AI.  

Lineta Mišeikytė | LT

Film producer and Nominee of Global Lithuanian Awards Lineta Mišeikytė, with her latest major acknowledgement in film industry – HBO series CHERNOBYLshared about her challenges and efforts to reflect soviet authenticity while retelling this story.  It was important to demonstrate compassion and respect for CHERNOBYL heroes and victims, as well as convey understanding how much such a tragedy still effects  peoples lives today. Her insights evoked discussions on the cost of lies, devaluation of truth, fair and open assessment of soviet traces within ourselves and society, ability to accept the past for the sake of the future. For more questions and opportunities for reflection,  Lineta referred the audience  to book "Voices of Chernobyl"  by Svetlana Alexievich  as a starting point of personal journey.

Jurga Žilinskienė | UK

Jurga Žilinskienė, entrepreneur and founder of Guildhawk (previously Today Translations), recently honored by Her Majesty The Queen with a Queen‘s Award for Enterprise in International Trade, introduced an unusual angle to perceive Brexit. She has observed some resemblance of Lithuania breaking away from USSR, and even the US declaring independence from the crown. Both break-ups brought lots of benefits for countries that separated, and did not cause a tragedy for others – so maybe we shouldn’t consider Brexit such a dramatic experience? Of course, there will be inconveniences and insecurities, and it’s time for the leaders to step up and show an example for their employees and communities in order to ensure everyone is feeling safe, and the ongoing situation results in positive outcomes.

Darius Daubaras | LT | UK | KSA

Darius Daubaras, a seasoned former investment banker and a corporate finance executive with experience at top-tier financial and corporate institutions in New York and London, joined the Supervisory Board of Lietuvos Energija in 2017. He believes in the importance of  independent board directors at both private and state-owned companies in attracting valuable insights and expertise for a better strategic decision-making. There is also a huge factor of patriotism – Lithuanian professionals living abroad often would like to contribute to Lithuania’s economic development and global standing, and becoming an independent director of the board of a company in Lithuania would give them an opportunity to bring their expertise, insights and ideas. Thus, inviting global professionals to become independent members of boards of Lithuania’s leading companies is a great way to attract great talent pool back to our country and benefit from their different perspectives and know-how.


Search & Referral Centre at GLL

A newly launched service centre at GLL links Lithuanian and Baltic companies with global expats, searching for international Board members and C-level executives.
Centre is led by two founding partners – Dalia Petkevičienė, co-founder of GLL with 10 years experience of building global talent network as well as creating strategies of engaging Diaspora professionals for Baltic governments, and Irma Žilėnienė, international HR and recruitment professional with 15 years experience of working with Baltic and CIS top talent and global companies.
"Our constantly growing pool of top global Lithuanian and Baltic talent allows us to help companies find their best leaders in the companies. Our aim is to create value for both: organizations and people. We present our network members with career positions offered by modern private and public companies in Lithuania. We develop constant relationship with internationally experienced Lithuanians and those connected/affiliated to Lithuania." 

Contact for more info:
Dalia +370 698 70408
Irma  +370 600 50374

Presidential Awards for Global Connectors

July 6, The Lithuania's Statehood Day this year was exceptionally remarkable for the connectors of Global Lithuanians who received State Awards from the president Dalia Grybauskaitė:

– GLL Board Member Raimundas Daubaras – initiator of the unique tradition "Lithuanian anthem across the globe", which has been uniting Lithuanians all over the world to unanimously sing national anthem "Tautiska giesme" on July 6th Statehood celebration for the past 10 years;
– Former GLL Director Kotryna Stankute Jaščemskienė – initiator of a number of projects of active engagement of global Lithuanians for country's prosperity;
– GLL friend and MC of Global Lithuanian Awards Jurgis Didžiulis – active researcher of global Lithuanian identity.

Congratulations to all Laureates!  

GLL is happy to see the appreciation of the value the global professionals and their connectors bring to the prosperity of Lithuania! 

GLL Business Advisors | Foreign Market Advice Opportunities for SME's

Under the program of GLL Business Advisors, in cooperation with Enterprise Lithuania,  we invite Lithuanian SMEs to use a chance for professional advice from our network's Business Advisors on the variety of markets from Hong Kong to United Arab Emirates and the West Coast of the USA, and on the variety of topics from e-commerce to marketing strategies.

The companies have found the communication and cooperation with GLL global professionals very useful, fulfilling, inspiring. Check out testimonials here.

Register your company request HERE.

LT Big Brother | Opening in Copenhagen

On June 27,  LT Big Brother | Scandinavian region opened the 11th season of the project. The networking was attended by the Small and Big Brothers and sisters of the project, its alumni, representatives of Lithuanian Embassy in Denmark, Lithuanian Professionals in Copenhagen as well as Berlin, friends and partners of the project. Project mentor Žaneta Troško, acting as the mentor from the initiation of the region, shared her experience and insights of effective mentorship. Vitalija Dainivska from Finland spoke about her personal route from Small Sister to active volunteer and finally Big Sister of the project. Personal stories are the most effective motivation to try youth mentorship. 


Sailing Accelerator in Greece | May, 2020

GLL programme LT BIG BROTHER is taking a new step in mentorship horizons and is up to summon its mentors as well GLL Supporting Members for an unforgettable one-week sailing experience, combined with great topics and even greater companions in beautiful Greece.    
: mentorship for mentors. Growing together in the world for Lithuania. 
PROGRAM: Sailing mentorship networking week in Greece with global and local change-makers.
TOPICS: Governance, Innovation, and Leadership.
PARTICIPANTS: LT Big Brother mentors, GLL Patrons & Supporting members, Global Lithuanian Awards laureates, guest speakers + skippers. Up to 40 people in total. 
LOCATION: Greece, Saronic Gulf and Archipelago. Start & Finish in Athens.  
TIME: May 23-30, 2020
BOATS: check out these 50 feet-long beauties, we intend to have 4 of them. 

Registration will close in September. Contact for more info:

UMA Co-Working Space in Vilnius | Aug 30, 2019

Our partner UMA Workspace welcomes all GLL members who are visiting Vilnius in summer time and offers their brand new co-working spaces at UMA G9 with a 50% discount to all registered members of GLL Network and FREE ENTRANCE to all GLL Supporting Members.

The first to experience its benefits were representatives of the Clubs of Global Professionals – Jelena Angelis from Stockholm and Ieva Matulaitienė from Tallinn.

UMA GO9 is located on the top floor of a premium shopping center G9 in downtown Vilnius.  If you wish to use the offer, please email us at to arrange the details.

GLL Patrons

Tadas Langaitis | GLL Patron | Lithuania

Tadas defines himself as Angel Investor, Venture Philanthropist, Crypto-economics Advisor, CFA, while we at GLL are most grateful for standing at the very birth of the organisation and formation of its solid grounds for further development and network expansion.

He has had a colourful career from the initiation of long living social initiatives:  Baltosios pirštinės for political transparency, Mes Darom for community engagement for the social benefit, for the crowdfunding for social projects, membership in the Conservative Party and Lithuanian Seimas to crypto economics and investment. He has always believed in the power of cooperation – one of the main values of GLL.

Giedrius Girininkas | GLL Patron | Latvia

Giedrius Girininkas is an executive with a proven track record of business development and market growth in various fields. Currently, Giedrius is working as Chief Business Development Officer at insurance brokers’ company Legator involved in loyalty system development. Giedrius is passionate about various social initiatives, startups, innovations, alternative payments. He realised the value of diaspora professionals when he came back to Lithuania after school graduation in the US. He believes that mutual support to local and global initiatives is key to progress and leadership. His participation in the activities of Lithuanian Professionals in Riga is driven by the opportunities for valuable connections and meaningful cooperations. 

Please consider supporting GLL activities by choosing one of our support packages: a GLL SUPPORTING MEMBER, a PROJECT PATRON or a GLL PATRON. Check out the benefits for supporting members here:


Export Club | E-commerce in Norway | Aug 7 | Vilnius

GLL and Enterprise Lithuania invite local companies to the Export club on the e-commerce market of Norway, hosted by Tomas Pujanauskas. Tomas has lived, studied and worked in Norway for ten years. Before his present position as Chief Development Officer at Retail network Norway Shop AS, he has accumulated relevant experience in leading positions at banking institutions in Lithuania and intensive studies at ISM – in both Lithuania and in Norway.
In addition to direct professional activities, he has been active organiser of Lithuanian business missions and leading connector of Lithuanian Professionals in Oslo.   

GLL Networking Back to Vilnius | August 28 | 7pm

It has become a tradition for summer to melt smoothly into the new season of meetings, projects, engagements, responsibilities, and encounters at GLL Networking Back to Vilnius. As more and more globals come to continue their professional career in Lithuania, these events become their meeting point and our opportunity to establish new meaningful connections.

Meet up of Clubs of Global Professionals | September 13-15 | Brussels

Everybody who feels the urge to connect with Lithuanians professionally wherever they happen to live and work are invited to come to Brussels on September 13-15, 2019 to dive into the world of its own – Clubbing Culture of Lithuanians around the world.

First, they get together for quality networking and sharing professional connections. Then, they brainstorm business, academic or social projects to find sustainable ways to get engaged in the improvement of global standing of Lithuania. Finally, they reach new heights acknowledged by the Global Lithuanian Awards.

Human connections drive the world!

ATTENTION: CALLS for Positions of Independent Board Members in Lithuanian Public Sector

Non-executive Board Member at UAB „Investicijų ir verslo garantijos“ – application deadline August 6, 2019 


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