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Outcomes of the First Stakeholder Council Dialogue
Enhancing climate policy through co-creation

The first PARIS REINFORCE Stakeholder Council dialogue took place on the 21st of November 2019, in Brussels, Belgium, aiming to the co-creation of research underpinning new climate policies at the EU and national levels.

In particular, the workshop featured a two-way stakeholder engagement towards the co-design of the PARIS REINFORCE research questions and of the open access data-exchange I2AM Paris platform. Participants represented national and EU policymakers, industry and business networks, NGOs, academia and the research community.

The workshop comprised sessions detailing the first list of indicative research questions, as formulated from six-month exhaustive consultations at national and European level, the capabilities of the available models in the form of a policy brief and presentation, a first prototype of the I2AM Paris platform, as well as stakeholder-led sessions discussing and defining the most pertinent climate policy questions via a polling platform that was set up for the purposes of the workshop.

At the global level, stakeholders appeared in favour of the project taking on topics and policy questions that revoled around potential failures of key technologies, lifestyle and behavioural changes, as well as just transitions in a climate emergency or extreme decarbonisation potential under a green new deal. At the EU level, the most interesting topics included carbon border adjustment and alternatives, capacity and flexibility of electrification in Europe, and EU-internal taxation policies (increasing ambition in terms of ETS coverage and expanding harmonisation of taxation in non-ETS sectors). Finally, on the socio-economic and Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) front, participants eventually voted in favour of the project taking on questions related to employment and other socio-economic dimensions resulting from removing public support on emissions-intensive sectors (e.g. coal); evolution in terms of sectoral redeployment and skill requirements; and increasing ambition in NDCs in consideration of various sustainability dimensions.

    The agenda and the presentations are available on the PARIS REINFORCE website.

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    PARIS REINFORCE Deliverables

    The first PARIS REINFORCE Deliverables have been published!

    Visite the respective page of the website and explore the newly published reports.

    • Quality Management Plan
    • Map of models, tools and stakeholder knowledge
    • Stakeholder Engagement Plan
    • Documentation of national-regional models for Europe
    • Documentation of national-regional models for countries outside Europe
    • Documentation of Global IAMs
    • PARIS REINFORCE Visual Identity
    • PARIS REINFORCE Communication, Dissemination and Exploitation Plan
    • Plan for Coordination and Synergies

    PARIS REINFORCE Scientific Publications

    The first PARIS REINFORCE Scientific Publications have been published!

    Visite the respective page of the website and explore them.

    • Contested energy futures, conflicted rewards? Examining low-carbon transition risks and governance dynamics in China's built environment
    • Integrated policy assessment and optimisation over multiple sustainable development goals in Eastern Africa

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