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Hey NCF 👋

Hope you're having a good week.

Here's what's been happening this week in NCF.

🎓 Expert Sessions

We're announcing weekly "Expert sessions" where experts in their field will join us in the NCF Slack to answer any questions. Topics will cover no-code tools as well as all aspects of running profitable businesses.

We're kicking off our first session with a Zapier session with resident Zapier expert Andrew Davison.

Join us in the NCF Slack on Wednesday 2nd December at 6pm CET.

We've got a new Slack channel specifically for the weekly sessions. Join below.

Join #expert-sessions channel
🚀 Startups added this week

📑 Product Notion - 100+ notion templates for product people

🛠 Fluo Digital - We build digital solutions in a fraction of the time & cost

📥 NewsIn.IT - Your daily dose of opportunities to help you succeed in IT

💰 Evalquity - Get funding for your no-code startup. New fundraising & valuation platform

🦄 Unicorn Radar - Get a list of recently funded startups and their stories in your inbox ever

🛠 - We create highly-performing digital products with little to no code

🛠 MakeStuffUp.Info - Build better products with less time

🥧 Delta Hand Pies - Fresh baked, gourmet, hand pies, delivered

🚚 Trackter - a fresh take on logistics

🛡 Emma - Life insurance made simple! Designed for busy parents.

🌦 Weather in your Calendar 20° - Your local 16 days weather forecast with emojis in your calendar.

🎁 - Crowdfund gifts

🤝 Caring Hands Ministry - Providing services that help the loneliness many people with dementia feel.

📚 The Posterity Project - The greatest story ever yours.

📐Sagolab - Sagolab is a no-code web & mobile development agency.

✏️ Posts

Day after launch on PH: What happens? Numbers - Link

Moonlighting an Idea. A side project to solve micro-problems of our company - Link

A rundown on Tech's next in demand job function: No-Code Operations - Link

Add Public & Private Coupons to Your No-code Pricing Page - Link

How to use Reddit to validate your idea and get some traffic - Link

Sell per-user pricing model with Stripe without coding! - Link

How to Build a Notion-inspired No-code Pricing Page in Webflow in 10 minutes - Link

A Functional & Responsive Webflow Pricing Page in 7 Min - Link

💬 Slack posts
Setup a digest

"Anyone know of a good pdf converter plugin for Bubble?" Link

"I've created dozens of elements, icons and inputs and want to separate them into 2 different "groups" is there a faster way of doing this other than 'shift-clicking" every element individually and selecting "group elements into a group" ?" Link

"Anyone have any experience in sending calendar invites from Bubble to a users email?" Link

"I'm looking for a cofounder who has expertise in producing content, SEO and Adwords" Link

"Question about glide pricing. Suppose I have about 50 small businesses who want to pay me a monthly fee for my app. Do I provide them with 50 individual apps or can I run them all off the 1 app?" Link

"Hey all, we are expanding our business team at Levity and some people in here might be a good match. The job hasn’t been posted yet, so I’ll freestyle..." Link

"We're pulling a bunch of data from our platform and surveying 2-300 marketers and founders to build a startup growth guide for 2021. We'd love to get some folks from NCF to add to the report. If you complete it, we'll of course send you a free copy when it drops in January" Link

"As a Black Friday Deal - we at Softr offer the NCF community a 30% Yearly Discount on all Paid Plans" Link

"Does the copy on this page make sense to you?" Link

"What's good nocode tool stack for job boards development?" Link

"Which industries would you most likely see disrupted by no-code makers?" Link

"A designer who uses Carrd a lot I know there are some definite limitations in its native tools when you just want to add that little bit of extra impact" Link

"Sharing my latest YT video. Building websites with Notion!" Link

"New project. But different. Instead of doing a side project myself. I started an interesting project on behalf of my full-time job" Link

"Anyone know how to play a sound on hover in Webflow? Is it possible?" Link

"Hey folks, can anyone recommend a good user base/authentication for Webflow?" Link

"After 8 weeks of private beta testing, I've just launched my new #nocode tool for syncing Airtable and Webflow CMS" Link

"I'm trying to set up events in Webflow using Google Tag Manager. But I can't seem to get the right class name to trigger the event. Anyone have experience in this?" Link

"Is anyone aware of a quick way to get city and country data and put in a search dropdown in Webflow?" Link

And that's all for now. Catch you in Slack 👋


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