Indigenous community wins legal stoush with NT Government over housing


When over 70 households began legal action in 2016 against the NT government for ignoring hundreds of requests to repair uninhabitable buildings, the NT department of housing launched a countersuit to pursue unpaid rental debt.

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New anti-bullying resource for Aboriginal kids

[Kate Ashton, ABC]

A group of Northern Territory youth workers, Aboriginal broadcasters and health researchers have launched a new digital resource to help Indigenous young people deal with teasing and bullying.

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International Women's Day. 'Women in Colour'

[by Cassandra French]

The artists behind the creation of Ngura: Tjangili George, Katrina Roberts, Carol Stevens, Pollyanne Smith, Imitjala Curley, Carolanne Ken, Rachael Stevens, Meredith Treacle, Tjungurra George, Antjala Robin and Ingrid Treacle. 

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Second season of the ABC’s hit drama series Mystery Road funded

[by Jessica Parry]

Head of Content at Screen Australia, Sally Caplan said: “Screen Australia is committed to funding projects that tell uniquely Australian stories and it’s fantastic to see such a diversity of projects being green lit.”

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