Olya from Skyworker is here) I hope you are keeping great! As we both are heading to a WebSummit, would be awesome to meet in person to learn what you do, share thoughts and spend a nice time.

Here are some places we can catch up. Skyworker is selected for the PITCH and Showcase this year. We’ll be presenting something fun about the tech hiring field and what is going on in it) Would be great if you could join us there!

  • PITCH: Tuesday, November 2 Location: PITCH stage 1, Pavilion 2 Group: PITCH group 7, The pitching session begins at 2:00 pm!
  • Showcase: Wednesday, November 3, Location: PITCH Stage 3, Pavilion 4 Time: 11:00 am

Also, you can find me at the BETA startup stand on November 3, Pavilion 4, BETA 4, stand number 423.

A bit more about what I actually do. I’m Head of Marketing at Skyworker. Our users say: we are like 'tinder' for tech jobs. A job platform that keeps engineers engaged like it's social media. Here recruiters don’t need to hunt candidates as they usually do. Skyworker actually hunts for them)

Can’t wait to see you!