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Cybersecurity Biweekly Newsletter - August 23rd, 2017

Why CEOs need to talk to their CTOs about cybersecurity now

In today’s complex, digital landscape CEOs face a range of challenges when trying to ensure their businesses are a success. Yet, even with recent cyberattacks, a worrying number of CEOs are failing to address one of the most pertinent modern businesses challenges - cybersecurity. Historically, IT departments have assumed responsibility for overseeing all aspects of a company’s IT requirements, including cybersecurity. However, as cyberattacks become increasingly more malicious and sophisticated and the regulatory environment becomes ever more stringent, this practice simply isn’t appropriate or effective. To counter the threats posed by hackers, CEOs need to drive forward their cyber strategy from the top. This means they must start by asking their CTOs and CIOs some frank questions.    


Focus on the biggest security threats, not the most publicised

Too much focus is placed on high profile exploits and malware, rather than the underlying root causes of security breaches today, which are still vulnerabilities and their exploitation. If you deal with the "elephant in the room" first, then you’ll have a better foundation. As a number one priority, 

  • Start tracking a simple metric that enables your organisation to gain visibility into the overlap between "the vulnerabilities in your environments" and "the ones being actively exploited in the wild." 
  • Employ mitigating controls, such as intrusion protection systems, network segmentation, application control and privileged identity management, to prevent vulnerabilities from being exploited.

Companies are getting faster at detecting security breaches – but will they ever be fast enough?

It has been found that incidents which have been self-detected – either through own internal teams or through a third-party service provider - were discovered an average of 60% faster compared to those found through an external party such as law enforcement or a regulator. Organisations that could detect breaches themselves were also able to contain the incident more quickly on average. The cyber criminals are always going to be working to stay one step ahead of security defences with new tools and tactics, making it almost impossible for any organisation to completely guarantee their safety from attack. However, those that have equipped themselves with the ability to proactively detect and investigate incidents will be in a much stronger position to beat the attacker in the race to close the breach and restore their operations. 


HBO social media hacked in latest cyber security breach

A group called OurMine took control of the main HBO accounts, as well as those for the network's shows including Game of Thrones. Out of the haul they released Game of Thrones scripts, company documents and unbroadcast episodes of HBO's other shows including Curb Your Enthusiasm and Insecure. Separately, four people have been arrested for leaking an episode of Game of Thrones before it aired. The accused were current and former employees of a Mumbai-based company that stores and processes the series for an online streaming service.


Lax Online Security Can Destroy Your Brand Overnight

Managing your brand in the 21st Century can be a tremendous challenge. Many factors impact your reputation, which is a growing concern for most entrepreneurs. A recent study found that businesses are even more concerned about their reputation than security breaches. While actually security breaches can irreparably damage the brand image. A study found that 89% of small businesses had their reputation suffered after a security breach. And another report showed that 60% of small businesses collapse within six months of a security breach. However, only 23% of small businesses rated cybersecurity as one of their top concerns! Too many companies wait too long to implement necessary cybersecurity solutions. They need to make it a top priority before a security breach occurs. 


9 Factors To Ensure Your Cybersecurity Policy Works For Your Staff, Not Against Them

Instead of the usual spiel about what equipment to purchase or what software to install, it is critical that executive leadership, have the right mindset when communicating with those who are on the front lines of preventing cyber attacks. Here’s list of nine top do’s and don’ts for being cyber-resilient in terms of mindset, behavior and daily precautions since, in the end, cybersecurity is not just a technical issue but people issue as well. 


Take the Cyber Hygiene Pledge and stay Cyber Healthy!

Video modeled after the Center for Internet Security's Cyber Hygiene Pledge. The human being is still the weakest link for security, and therefore good Cyber Hygiene practices to stay Cyber healthy are important. Count, Control, Configure, Patch and Repeat!

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