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Learning isn't about changing our grade, it's about changing the way we see the world.
Learning is voluntary.
Learning is always available, and it compounds, because once we've acquired it, we can use it again and again.

~ Seth Godin

Postcard from Barbara

Make the Investment

Invest 90 minutes of your time to discover a quicker & easier way to win clients for your business

Postcard from Barbara

As you may know, I have spent the past thirty years fascinated by the world of self-employment. It was a completely new territory for me and I was eager to connect with and learn from others who had already gone down this path. 

One of the most surprising discoveries I made is that no two people ever do it exactly the same way. Every entrepreneur brings their own personalities, passions and visions to their enterprise.

They also ask a lot of questions. What do I want my life to look like? What if I added this new product? Who can help me solve this problem? Is it time to change directions? 

No wonder these builders of dreams remain such interesting and inspiring people. We need to keep making the connection, spending time with them in person, in meeting rooms, in their natural habitats.

That’s also why I’m so excited that the Joyfully Jobless Weekends will be returning in 2020. My calendar is beginning to fill up with events planned in Houston, TX, Seattle, WA, Bucks County, PA, Niwot, CO and  Minneapolis, MN. More locations are also on the way. Details will be coming soon. 

Make the Investment

Have you noticed the barrage of ads cluttering up the pages of blogs and online articles? Every day we’re inundated with advertising that urges us to buy things that may or may not improve the quality of our lives.

Seldom are we encouraged to invest money or time on experiences that will bring a genuine profit.To invest implies that you must first put something in, in order to get something greater out.

When most people think about investing, it involves putting money into something cold or impersonal, then waiting in the hope the investment will grow.

There’s a far lower risk to be had when we invest our money, time and effort in ourselves and our dreams. Yet many people have a hard time understanding the importance.

Writer Sondra Ray confronts this attitude. She writes, “Fear of running out causes you to spend money only on things people told you to spend money on. When it comes to buying things that are really good for you and that make you happy, guilt comes. When you say,  ‘I don’t have enough money to go to that self-improvement seminar or buy that self-improvement book,’ it’s almost like saying, ‘I am not a good investment.’ The best way to make money is to invest in yourself.”

When you invest in yourself and your dreams you have also invested in the one thing that lasts a lifetime and cannot be taken away from you. Aren’t you worth it?

Invest 90 minutes of your time to discover a quicker & easier way to win clients for your business

If you’ve started the journey to ‘joyfully jobless’ but you’re finding it a struggle to stand out, win clients, and earn what you would really like to then here is something that will help…

My friend John Williams, bestselling author of Screw Work Let’s Play and keynote speaker at the first Joyfully Jobless Jamboree is running a special free event to show you how to create a business & brand that goes viral.

When you give your business the ‘viral tweak’ you attract clients, press, and even publishers to you instead of having to chase after them.

John has done this for himself with his hugely successful books, events and online programmes and he’s helped many clients to do the same – from counsellors to corporate consultants to dating profile photographers! 

Register your free place now for this one-off event and discover:

  • How to end the struggle and attract clients, press and partners to you
  • How to create something that sells even in a crowded market
  • How to launch your business & make your first 20k in 30 minutes a day

Register now for the FREE web event “3 Keys To Creating A Business & Brand That Goes VIRAL”

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Barbara Winter

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