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A message from Toto...

Welcome to the return of the Footbridge Editorial, the first after a significant break and of 2020 ….. The Footbridge had suffered a lapse of releases for a few reasons but I am happy to say that it is back in circulation as of this editorial.

I’d like to kick off by welcoming all the new members who have decided to join us since the last editorial and take this opportunity to extend a big thanks to them for choosing Platform 1 MRC to share their railway modeling journeys. As always, my thanks go out to all our returning members also. As off time of going to pixels, we now have 805 members.

S0 ….. whats the latest ?


2020 has been a right old confusion of events lead by the ongoing fall out from COVID19. Whilst this absolutely abhorrent disease has caused havoc in all quarters of the world and all areas of society, its been amazing how it has also generally brought out the best in us as well. People taking the time out to look out for others and offer support to those in need. At best, it has demonstrated a sense of community and unfortunately at its indiscriminate worst robbed people of the loved ones, lively hoods and general sense of security and well being. My heart goes out to those who have lost someone dear to them.

If there has been a positive in terms of the hobby, it must be the notable increase in those returning to their modelling as a way of filling in their time and revitalising their modelling mojo.

Competition News

The first competition of the year was late kicking off but kick off it did. York Paul ( Yorkie ) swept the board in our cameo competition with a submission that could only be described as nothing short of fantastic. His booking office scene was detailed to the hilt with top drawer modeling. He walked away with the 7mm scale Drury Shunter kit ( a Connoisseur Models kit ) as supplied from Platform1 as one of my own competition prize offerings.

The second competition is well under way ( finishing date end of September ) and is in the guise of a “ Shelf Queen “ competition. Basically folks were asked to take one of their unfinished projects and get it to completion. Regular updates showing progress and modelling techniques used are all part of the requirements here as well as a substantial part of the overall model having been required to finish. The prizes are still to be announced and there has been reasonable uptake so far.

Sponsor’s Update

There has been a flurry of activity of late with regards to our forum sponsors. All four of our previous sponsors, Scalescenes, Townstreet Models, Connoisseur Models and Ellis Clark Trains have confirmed their commitment to Platform1 for 2020. In addition, Ellis Clark kicks off a new venture 'Clark Railworks', which is to compliment his previous specialism in O Gauge through Ellis Clark Trains and supply all things OO , HO, N gauge and all other scales. He continues in partnership with Darstead and is commissioning products of his own, Presflow wagons being the latest offering.

I am pleased to announce the arrival of Gladiator Models. David and Trisha Hill have jumped on board only of the last two weeks or so and shall be providing us with some superb products for our future competition. Keep your eye open on our Competition and Sponsors pages to see what will be up for grabs.

Our sponsor updates at this point unfortunately takes a brutal twist of tone. It was our intention to announce the welcome of Minerva Models joining the Platform 1 stable. Indeed the agreement had only been in place for a matter of a couple of weeks when the news broke that Chris Klein (one half of the Chris Klein & Chris Basten partnership at Minerva Models) had sadly and very suddenly passed away.

This has come as a huge shock to the modelling community and I am sure that I speak for many in saying that he will be greatly missed.

All our thoughts and condolences go out to his family, friends and business associates at this very sad time.


Forum Features and notable changes in the current format

As part of our expansion on forum sponsors, you will note from time to time the increasing use of our main forum slider ( currently used for Picture Of The Week, Gormo's Shed and The Footbridge ) to announce new sponsors product releases. This is something extra over and above the official sponsors adverts in order to promote new releases on behalf of the sponsors and hopefully to be able to bring the releases to our members 'hot off the press'.  

From time to time, myself and the motley crew who are the Moderators, have our Moderators Skypes in order to discuss the direction the forum is taking. Sometimes we are working so close to the coal face that we can’t always see the bigger picture and need to take a step back and try and take a more critical view of the overall format and more specifically, what works and what doesn’t. What may be relevant today may not be relevant tomorrow so the forum format needs to constantly regenerate itself to prevent it from going stale.

Now is one of these moments and one of the things that we will be looking very closely at over the next few weeks will be the relevance of how we have categorised the various forum sub-forums and how easy it is to locate specific subject matter.  We shall be experimenting with some of our ideas on our ghost forum in order to get things tested prior to releasing any changes onto the live forum, although it may not be long before you see some of these format changes working their way through.

This will be done in such a way that there should be no requirement for forum outages or down time. We shall keep you informed via announcements as we finalise any planned changes. I am sure that any changes we do make will be received as welcome improvements. If there is any ideas that you would like us to take into consideration, please feel free to post them up and we will give them consideration.

Current threads of particular interest

As usual, I like to give specific mention to a couple of members threads that I feel are particularly of note. The first which comes shooting to mind and has just lately adorned our Picture Of the Week slot is Paul Hodgson’s Stratford MPD. Any of you shed fans should give this thread a good look over to see a level of modelling that belongs firmly in the top drawer. There is a teamwork theme to this amazing build which shows what can be achieved by the collective body. ….. Absolutely stunning. ( check it out in members Personal Layouts )

On another similar vein ….. the Aussies do it again. This time its our very own 'supermod' Kimbo. He gave us a lesson in 7mm loco kit building with his magnificent Southern region Bullheid Q1 kit from Ace Products. So much so ….. I went out and ordered one myself. ( check it out in the kit building section )

A note to end on

Just a reminder on what we are trying to achieve on Platform1. From the off ( and as stated on our forum logo ) everyone is welcome on Platform1. Regardless of scale, area of general interest and modelling ability. We continue to attract a wide demographic of modelers and as a forum, pride ourselves in our brand ethos of “ inclusion “.   

So …. With that in mind, spare a thought for our new members and feel free to post up a word of encouragement to help them settle in and feel at home. It only takes a few words and can mean the difference between having an active member or a dormant arm chair member.


OK ……. I’m about done so it only leaves me to hand over to Gary “ The Wizard of Oz “ to update you with his pick of the posts and his monthly photographic teaser.


I look forward to catching up with your posted projects and having your company throughout 2020 and hopefully beyond.


Please keep well and stay safe.

All the best for now.



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