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The Mission of Lemniscate Arts is to further renew the
performing arts initiated by Rudolf Steiner,
enabling the performing artists to live in a
contemporary and dignified manner, so that
they can fulfill more truly art’s task to
harmonize the spiritual-divine with the

Producer's Notes

Theatre As Spiritual Exploration

The Great Theatre in Epidaurus, Greece, which housed the Greek Dramas for many centuries, was actually a Theraputicum. 

The ancient Greeks understood that theatrical exploration, either as an audience member or as a participant, was part of the healing process of humanity. Today with a further awakened consciousness, the potential for transformation is still alive in the art of theatre.

Mystery Dramas are not dramas about the mysteries alone, but rightly deserve that name when they allow you to meet places within your own soul/spiritual nature that would otherwise remain out of reach; the opportunity to awaken to new levels of thought, feeling and action.

On behalf of the company, I invite you to experience these plays as tools to help you enter into the feelings and actions around the characters, both human and spiritual, that we are inspired to offer through Rudolf Steiner's Mystery Dramas and his own biography.

Marke Levene                                                                                                                    Founding Producer

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The Story Behind the Plays... The Story In the Plays
Moving within our time.

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March 2 & 3, 2019
Reader's Theatre Vs. Staged

Readings are an important part of the process in the development of new plays, providing an opportunity for the playwright to hear their words outside of their own head, interpreted artistically by actors and a director, and presented before an audience. 

Immediately following each of the readings, you are warmly invited to participate in a brief “talkback” with Lemniscate Arts. This gives you, the audience, a chance to ask questions and provide vital constructive feedback to the playwright and company. 

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