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It's Day 20!

It's Pilates and conditioning day and I want you to work hard, step out of your comfort zone and see how much more you are able to do since you did these videos two weeks ago!

Your audio today is about self-motivation, because YOU DESERVE IT! It is 6 minutes long, CLICK HERE to listen.

Love Janey x

CLICK HERE to go to the Week 3 page which contains your Day 20 content (password: sugar)

Or CLICK HERE for the Welcome page (password: sugar)

The dangers of sugar

The worst sugary drinks and snacks...

... you can't even have ONE of without breaching new guidelines on daily intake!

Click the image to read more

Tasty low sugar recipe of the day!

Avocado, prawn & fennel cocktails

Delicious and nutritious, a great starter or make more and have its as a lunch

Click the image for the recipe

Sugar Quiz...

What has a higher sugar content?

a) Starbucks Belgian chocolate fair trade gluten free brownie

b) Starbucks pain aux raisins

And the answer to yesterday's quiz is...

The Pret a Manger Deluxe sushi box contains a surprising 9g sugar (sushi rice tends to be soaked in sugary vinegar), whilst the Pret a Manger crayfish and avocado salad contains just 1.2g


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