Dear Friends: The blood brain barrier has been compromised.  Nano particles slip through the blood brain barrier like mosquitoes through an open garage door.  Just 'Google' or 'Duckduckgo' two words...Aluminum and brain.  Dementia and other anomalies will be the outcome of such toxicity in the articles that you find. 

I want to make four points here perfectly clear.  1. Nano particles are manufactured and dispersed by man.  2. Using an ionizing body detox, nano particles are the first things to be eliminated because they are so small. 3.  The proximity of arms to the brain make it a logical limb to put in the water for detoxing the brain.  4. The fastest way to get nano particles into our blood stream is through our lungs.

So where are we getting these nano particles of aluminum? Sucking on an empty pepsi-can will not create nano particles of aluminum and as such, do not threaten the brain.  There is 30 or more years of evidence to demonstrate that the geo-engineering agenda supported by world leaders is the culprit.  Perhaps you have noticed airplanes that leave a white trail in the sky from horizon to horizon.  Perhaps you have noticed 10 or 20 or 30 of those white trails in the sky from horizon to horizon?  It has been proven time and time again that those white trails are nano particles of aluminum, barium and strontium, the three main ingredients used in geo-engineering.  You will enjoy the short video demonstrating the dispersement of nano particles into our environment...and as such into our lungs, blood and brain...and yes, there is something that we all can do.  

hugs,  Christopher

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