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It's finished ... and a request for your help!

I published the final files for my forthcoming thriller Who To Trust on Amazon this afternoon - hurrah! The book is available on pre-sale right now and will be released on May 31st. It was inspired by my trip to the Spanish resort of Benidorm at the end of 2017. My beta-readers have given it the thumbs up and I can't wait for the book to be released. I've really appreciated their input with this book, if you enjoy reading my thrillers and want to get them for free (in exchange for feedback and spotting spelling errors) please drop me an email at - thanks.

What I'm Watching [1]

I've really enjoyed watching the re-boot of Lost in Space on Netflix over the past fortnight. I can remember the original, it seemed fantastic as a kid, but this new series really does a good job of updating the story and the sfx. My own recent contribution to the genre - Phase 6 - spent some time in the Top 5 of the sci-fi & dysyopian charts on Amazon this weekend, you can check it out here if you fancy a read.

No More Tweets ...

Last year I conducted a Twitter experiment as part of my Self-Publishing Journeys podcast and it resulted in me growing a second channel with over 9000 followers. I'll be deleting that channel at the end of May in favour of my main Twitter account at If you'd like to connect on Twitter, please click on this link and I look forward to welcoming you there.

What I'm Watching [2]

I've been terrible with the reading this month, so I don't have a current book recommendation. However, the TV series that has inspired me most as a writer is one on the BBC called Coming Home. This was a great story of marriage breakdown and family conflict, themes which I love to explore in my own novels and Don't Tell Meg is probably the best example of that. Unusually, this series wasn't based on a book. It was on the BBC, but it's well worth looking out for if you live outside the UK, with familiar faces Christopher Eccleston from Dr Who and Paula Malcomson from Ray Donovan.

Continuing The Crypto!

You may have noticed from these emails that Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are taking up a lot of my attention these days. Last week I flew down to a hotel near Heathrow Airport to learn more about them from a team of expert speakers. As a sci-fi author and therefore someone who's fascinated in what the future holds, I'm really intrigued by this thing called the Blockchain. My Crypto News Podcast co-presenter Alison Ingleby wrote this post about what the future might hold for us all, it makes a fascinating read. The picture above shows me, Alison and crypto expert Siam Kidd at last week's conference.

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