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Company e-Newsletter - February 1, 2022

New Air Command Design Revealed

Single-seat gyroplane ready for manufacturing


Today, Air Command International is pleased to publicly reveal its newly refreshed single-seat gyroplane design. > Click here to watch the reveal video on YouTube.

According to President Joe Covelli, "It's exciting to reach this milestone. Last week we locked down the design and released all part drawings to our manufacturing partner, Blackhawk Aerospace."

To develop the new design, Air Command started with the most recent single-seat model and sought the input of customers and gyroplane flight instructors.  Air Command's leadership, design engineers, manufacturing partners, and consultants added their expertise to fulfill the company's vision for the new design, including upgrades and safety enhancements. More information will be provided about the design changes in the coming weeks.

Currently, Blackhawk is reviewing the drawings, finalizing part pricing, and machining fiberglass part molds and tooling. Soon they'll begin manufacturing parts for the first three gyroplane kits. Once part fit and assembly for the first three units are verified, the company will start fulfilling customer orders.

According to Joe, "I can't wait to see customers flying new Air Command gyroplanes paired with new sets of Skywheels rotor blades. This is a proven combination with over 3,000 units previously sold. It is the perfect package for a safe, fun-flying gyroplane experience."


Kit Pricing and Upcoming Airshow Events

Air Command's goal is to announce new gyroplane kit pricing in the next few weeks and begin selling slot positions in the manufacturing schedule.

Plans include displaying the new gyroplane at Bensen Days, March 30 to April 2, Wauchula, Florida, Sun 'n Fun, April 5 to 10, Lakeland, Florida, and AirVenture, July 25 to 31, Oshkosh, Wisconsin.


Guarantee Your Preorder Spot

In the next few weeks, Air Command will announce customers can purchase a slot in the manufacturing schedule to guarantee their place in line with the release of the new single-seat kit. A $250 nonrefundable payment will be required for each slot. The $250 payment is applied toward the future purchase of the gyroplane.

How does a slot system work?  If you purchase slot ten or are issued the next open slot, number 10, you receive gyroplane kit number 10 as it comes out of manufacturing.  The slot is just the position number and does not include the actual purchase arrangement, terms & conditions, etc., of the single-seat gyroplane kit.

According to Joe, "Air Command decided to sell slot positions so we can better manage expectations, the number of sales units, pricing estimates, and establish direct communications with buyers that offer timely updates as manufacturing ramps up." Air Command has received nearly 2,000 inquiries to date and will be reaching out to those who contacted them.  Joe added, "We felt this approach offered the best win-win-win combination for customers, suppliers, and Air Command. We'll share the full details in a couple of weeks".

Build-to-print manufacturing is driven by how much you buy of one part. Having lower quantities is expensive because of setup costs. Machining the same part hundreds of times is a lot less expensive. 

Air Command is the oldest operating gyroplane company in the United States, its first flight in April 1984. More details are available at

Click to Watch the Gyroplane Reveal Video on YouTube

Skywheels Rotors Featured in Powered Sport Flying Magazine


Skywheels rotor blade systems were recently featured in Powered Sport Flying Magazine's November-December 2021 issue on pages 34 and 35.  The magazine reached its subscribers in mid-January.

The article discussed rotor blade flight tests and manufacturing process improvements. To adhere to Blackhawk's AS9100 quality control process and produce the best possible product out the door to customers, Skywheels and Blackhawk shared in the $40,000 investment to custom-design and build a new high-tech digital rotor spin platform for dynamic testing, chord balance, and blade tracking.

> Click here to read the article.


Reprinted with permission from Sport Aviation Press LLC.

Go Flying with Captain Ron Menzie

Density Altitude


Join CFI and DPE Ron Menzie in his gyroplane flying video series dedicated to making better pilots.

In this video, Ron straps on the video camera to take us along to review density altitude.

Disclaimer:  The video series is not a substitute for actual in-flight instruction and training with a qualified and certified gyroplane flight instructor.

Click For Video "Density Altitude"
Click To Review Captain Ron's Video Series

Clearance Items At Discounted Prices

Checkout our recently updated list of clearance items priced at significantly reduced prices offering you the best deals and opportunities.  Please contact us with any questions or to verify availability.

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