It was surreal to be a Boricua in the diaspora that day... View in browser
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Two years ago today Hurricane María made landfall in Puerto Rico.

It was surreal to be a Boricua in the diaspora that day, watching the tragedy unfold from afar, desperately wanting news from my loved ones on an island that had lost all communication.

When Hurricane Dorian ravaged the Bahamas a few weeks ago, I remembered my own terror, and my heart went out to our Caribbean cousins on the islands and throughout their diaspora. My heart continues to go out to all the families recovering from these brutal storms.

Below are links to an essay and a poem I wrote about Hurricane María and its aftermath. I've also included a link to videos of  me reading each piece.

I hope you'll watch, read, and share these pieces today to help shine a spotlight on Puerto Rico.

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En Solidaridad,
Li Yun
Online Readings

Click here to watch me read: 

"Literatura, Música, y (Huracán) María: Reflections from the Diaspora" 

"Momentos de María"

Literatura, Música, y (Huracán) María: Reflections from the Diaspora

Last fall, our son turned one.

Days later Hurricane María ripped through Puerto Rico.

I could not reach my parents for six long days...


Read the rest of the essay here...

Momentos de María

One Day Before
A Facetime Screenshot: Me, my son, my bedridden Guela--his bisabuela--María

September 20, 2017
A YouTube Video: My uncle posts a song before losing his signal: Santa María / líbranos de todo mal / ampáranos señores / de este terrible animal

Day 1
A Silent Phone: La espera que desespera...


Read the rest of the poem here...

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