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A platform for researchers wanting to find and reuse social science and humanities research data from CESSDA Service Providers.

Over the past few months, work has been undertaken to improve the User Experience and the range and quality of its contents. The updated version of the catalogue went live last month.


The CESSDA Vocabulary Service is a unique tool which enables developers to search, browse, and download controlled vocabularies in a variety of languages. The tool is also useful for researchers, for administrators and translators of controlled vocabularies, and for data repositories providing metadata.


Our CESSDA Data Management Expert Guide is written for social science researchers who are in an early stage of practising research data management. With this guide, CESSDA wants to contribute to professionalism in data management and increase the value of research data


CESSDA asks ten questions to Bjørn Tore Kjellemo

Bjørn Tore Kjellemo is Head of the Department of bilateral cooperation and development research at The Research Council of Norway. He is also the Vice-Chair of CESSDA’s General Assembly.

Launch of TRIPLE, the European discovery solution dedicated to SSH resources

The TRIPLE (Transforming Research through Innovative Practices for Linked interdisciplinary Exploration) project will help SSH research in Europe to gain visibility, to be more efficient and effective, to improve its reuse, and to dramatically increase its societal impact.

Data experts gather at UK Data Archive

The UK Data Archive has hosted a gathering of some of the leading experts in data preservation and access in Europe.

The CESSDA Expert Seminar 2019 (CES2019) was a two-day event looking at the tools and services which data archives provide to help researchers use data.

System Specification - SSH Open Marketplace

The Social Sciences & Humanities communities are in an urgent need of a place to gather and exchange information about their tools, services, and datasets, as well as integrate them and offer domain-relevant means to enrich assets. This place is the SSHOC Marketplace.

Tour of CESSDA

The Czech Social Science Data Archive - CSDA

The Czech Social Science Data Archive (CSDA) was established in 1998 in response to a long-term demand from Czech social science researchers.

Currently CSDA serves as a national resource centre for social science research, which acquires, processes, documents, archives, and preserves digital datasets from Czech and international social research and makes these data publicly available. It is also the Czech node within the pan-European distributed research infrastructure CESSDA and the CESSDA Service Provider in the Czech Republic. CSDA is also active in the CESSDA Training Working Group.


CESSDA Widening Meeting - Social Data Services: Challenges Ahead Working on Sustainability, Impact, Capacity Building and Compliance

Skopje, 5-6 November

CESSDA Trust Workshop

Cologne, 26 November

EOSC Symposium 2019

Budapest, 26-28 November

CESSDA Training Days     

Cologne, 27-28 November

Workshop: Working with European Union Labour Force Survey (EU LFS) 2019

Mannheim, 27-29 November

EDDI19 – 11th Annual European DDI User Conference

Helsinki, 3-4 December

CESSDA Technical Infrastructure Training Day

Helsinki, 5 December

Data Jobs

UK Data Service: Chief Content Author and Web Editor, UK Data Archive

Deadline: 11 November



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