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Good Morning,
We are reaching out to inform you of some changes to our upcoming Ordeal event to make your ordeal even safer. The Ordeal process is being altered from our regular schedule to allow us to maintain contact tracing and the COVID-19 guidelines put in place by health officials. 

Ordeal Change

Check-in for candidates will run from 5:00 PM - 7:00 PM on Friday night. Please eat dinner before arriving. Candidates will have there temperatures taken and will turn in their pre-event health screening forms at check-in at Camp Durant. Candidates will undergo their ceremonies then be put to bed, no food will be served Friday night. To separate candidates and members, the following morning, candidates will now be led to Camp Reeves, via trails, where they will spend the day completing their Ordeal. Only those involved in the Ordeal process will be able to view the ceremonies.

What to bring:
  • Pre-event Health Screening Form (Required)
  • Mask (Required)
  • Field Dress Uniform
  • Sleeping Gear (No Tent required)
  • Work Gloves and Clothes
  • Tarp
  • Water Bottle
Pre-event Health Screening Form

Make sure you are keeping up with your 14 day pre-event health screening form and logging your temperature. You will be required to bring the form to your ordeal and turn it in at check in. Please have the form easily accessible in your car.

Departure From Your Ordeal

Candidates will be released from Camp Reeves. Pickup will be located at the top of the split road just past the entrance to Camp Reeves. The estimated departure time is 4:15 PM. Please coordinate to have a ride homeAny candidate that drives themselves to Camp will be led back to Camp Durant, via trails, to retrieve their vehicle. No other candidates will return to Camp Durant

Ordeal Ceremonies Update

The Lodge leadership is doing everything we can to make this a safe event for everybody. To keep ceremonies safe and follow health guidelines, parents will not be able to come watch the ceremony this event. More Information about Fall Fellowship safety guidelines can be found here

Fall Fellowship Update
What Has Changed
  • Pick up on Saturday will be at the entrance to Camp Reeves instead of Camp Durant
  • Estimated Pick up time is 4:15 pm on Saturday the 19th
  • Even more mitigation from other groups at Fall Fellowship
  • No members or parents at the ceremonies 

What Hasn't Changed
  • Drop off time (Friday 5-7 pm) and location (Camp Durant) is in the same place
  • Temperature checks, social distancing, and mask will be used throughout the whole weekend
  • Candidates will still be having a great, safe ordeal experience

More information about the ordeal will be communicated to you as we get closer to event.  If you have anymore questions, we would be happy to answer them here. Thank you, and we look forward to seeing you at Fall Fellowship!

Parker Morrissette,
Lodge Chief
Occoneechee Lodge

3231 Atlantic Avenue, Raleigh
NC 27587-5113 United States

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