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Women Empowered Global (WEG) is an organization that works with experts from around the world to design knowledge tools as part of a localized strategy to help women in business or corporate professions achieve leadership goals more effectively and efficiently. We offer coaching, mentoring and leadership accelerator programs to enhance their skills, unlock their full potential and achieve greater leadership success in their career or business. 


A message from our CEO

Hello Ladies

I am very happy to announce that we will be hosting our next Leadership forum for Women in Africa on the 20th of October! With our dynamic team member Abigail as Administrator for the forum in Ghana, and many African women enrolling in, we are very excited to make a sustainable impact and develop their business management and leadership skills through this program.


I am also very excited to introduce our global partner Brittany Garth in the Women Empowered Award-winning Worldwide network of entrepreneurs and global influencers! 

Brittany has been featured on MTV, The TD Jakes Talk Show, The Huffington Post, CBS and NBC News, Essence Magazine and several other national and international publications for her work as a leading life coach to women in addition to being selected by Forbes Magazine as a top business coach within her industry for the Forbes Coaches Council. Coach Brittany is additionally the author of Dear Pinq, a dedication and self-help book for millennial women seeking to turn their struggle story into their success story. The book features personal life lessons in love, career, finances, wellness and more. Most recently, Coach Brittany was honored with a proclamation from the Governor of Virginia for National Life Coaches week, to honor her work in the industry of life coaching. Brittany is the first person to receive this honor within the industry of Life Coaching nationally.


On HeartTalk this month, we are featuring Vaneese Johnson, The Boldness Coach™. She is a Global Certified Coach and Personal Brand Strategist from California, USA. She helps business professionals to be bold in their approach to amplify their brand presence, grow their business and make a purposeful impact in the world!

She teaches and empowers today’s leaders  her proprietary success fundamentals of Branding Out Loud Daily (BOLD), Branding their Innovated Gifts (BIG) and being Branded and Distinctive (BAD) to accentuate their professional presence with authenticity and authority.


Everything we do at Women Empowered Global is to inspire, empower & transform, and help you become your best version to live your dream. Never stop believing in yourself. Never stop investing in yourself!



Senela Jayasuriya


Brittany Garth (USA), A Women Empowered Global Partner

Forbes Magazine top professional coach (Forbes Coaches Council) & Cosmopolitan Magazine top 50 social influencers 2017 

September 2018 updates

At Women Empowered Global, a concerted effort is made to assert more women in STEAM as well as other industries such as Science, Engineering, Legal & Advertising. Our CEO Senela co-founded the concept with Chani Simms (UK), where Personal Leadership and STEAM come together, launching the "Cyber-security and Leadership 5day bootcamp". 

The African Women Leadership Forum

The African Women Leadership Forum (AWLF) is an initiative by Women Empowered Global. It is a personal leadership accelerator program designed by our CEO Senela Jayasuriya, to help empower more women in Africa with confidence and management skills through a guided coaching process to enhance their personal brand, communication skills, assertiveness, public speaking skills and business skills.


Meet Abigail, Team Empowered - Ghana!

Abigail is our AWLF forum administrator based in Ghana, Africa.  

This special forum will cover the formula of leadership, unfolding unique aspects of leadership:


>The Leadership Roadmap

>Conceptual Implementation

>The Leadership Plateau

More info

Upcoming leadership seminar conducted by our CEO Senela:

National Law Conference 2018 for the Junior Bar of Sri Lanka

Our CEO Senela conducted an engaging session at the National Law Conference 2018 for the Junior Bar of Sri Lanka

Present during this session was Attorney General Jayantha Jayasuirya as Chief Guest along with the participation of many distinguished legal professionals. The keynote speaker for the evening was Dr. Harsha Cabral, President’s Counsel.

Click HERE for the press coverage of event.

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The WEG HeartTalk® platform was designed by us to showcase the heart of leaders around the world; leaders who are passionate about what they do and are committed to seeing change and advancement.   


It is all about understanding the glass-ceiling, identifying the cracks and using those cracks as leverage to break through it, as a business owner, team leader or employee.

This month's 'HeartTalk' feature: Vaneese Johnson

Vaneese Johnson, The Boldness Coach™, is an Executive  Coach and Personal Brand Strategist from California, USA. She helps business professionals to be bold in their approach to amplify their brand presence, grow their business and make a purposeful impact in the world!
She teaches and empowers today’s leaders, her proprietary success fundamentals of Branding Out Loud Daily (BOLD), Branding their Innovated Gifts (BIG) and being Branded and Distinctive (BAD) to accentuate their professional presence with authenticity and authority.

1.What is your definition of women empowerment?

A woman who lives in her authenticity day in and day out. She commands not demands what she wants in her life, career and relationships. She understands the three steps of empowerment:

Bold Awareness –having heightened awareness about her current reality and acknowledging her contribution to the problem/issue(s).

Bold Surrender -allowing her faith to intervene and asking for help from a higher source-spirituality, mediation, prayer. She knows that she is not an island and may need the assistance of others to help her to the next level of growth.

Bold Determination- she re-discovers her self-worth, her beauty, rebuilds on her faith and creates a new vision for the next level of her life as she takes steps daily to create a new reality.


2.What motivated you to get involved in being inspirational for change?

I went through a major life change (divorce) and I realized I had lost myself during my marriage, my business was failing and I was disconnected from my self-worth. During a conversation with a friend, I discovered I was in self-induced quicksand and I was losing myself on a daily basis. If I was having this experience, then it is very likely another woman was. I was asked by my friend, if I was coaching another woman what would I want her to leave my session feeling? I stated, I wanted her to feel Bold, Big & Bad. In that moment I knew and accepted who I needed to be in order to be an inspiration for change for other women. I birthed my personal brand as the Boldness Coach ™ to help women to live and thrive in their Bold, Big and Bad!


Click  HERE to read Vaneese's full interview with us.



High Performance Coaching with Senela

Learn how to build useful leadership skills, inspire others and be the BEST version of yourself at the workplace.


Get access to team and individual coaching programs specially made to help YOU brush up your leadership skills and build your confidence with Senela, who is an international high performance coach. For more information and registration click HERE!


Have you seen the latest 'Think a Minute' episodes?

Being a working woman and multitasking can feel overwhelming sometimes! Looking for some quick powerful motivation to get through your week or day?  Then this is the place for you.


Women Empowered Global's online series 'Think a Minute' returns with more inspiring and powerful episodes featuring the award-winning Boldness Coach, Vaneese Johnson (USA).


If you feel like you need to get back on track, and find your level of bold, then tune in for a new episode every week.


If you haven't seen the latest episodes yet, click HERE to be inspired NOW.


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Be empowered and inspired as a leader with our global partner Sonja Klopčič.

She is our global partner from Slovenia brings to you - 'Ideas for Leaders'. Inspirational, practical and very useful tips for you to improve yourself as a leader and inspire others. She is the author of the book "The Energy inside leadership".


Sonja is a developer of new era leadership, and describes real business stories with a personal touch. Follow this column in our monthly digest for leadership tips to help you be instrumental and more impactful in your walk in leadership.

Leadership Tip #8: Athletes Can Show Us The Way


I remember some time ago an acquaintance from Florida told me, how Americans were surprised that the basketball player Goran Dragič gave priority to winning and happiness instead of money. The acquaintance quoted Goran's statement for CBS Miami: “My father and my mom raised me that money is not everything. I still got a good deal, I could get more, but it doesn’t matter. The most important thing is that I’m happy. I’m happy to be here, happy to be surrounded with all the coaches, with all the players and that’s what’s most important in my life. I want to be happy. I don’t want to miserable on the court and so I think that was the right decision.”

The media outlet said he could even be thought of as unreasonable, to have left $20 million on the table. »Prioritizing both winning and happiness over dollars, the Dragon (Goran's NBA nickname) is not your standard NBA star,« concluded the reporter.

Even my acquaintance was amazed by this, just as he was amazed before when he listened to my lecture on the evolution of leadership. He wrote to me: »That's truly the integration of values and vision. Dragič is an evolutionary leader, yes? Wonderful. Slovenia is leading the way.«

This statement was a very powerful source of inspiration for me and an important signal that we cocreate the right things. I know I'll get my next infusion of inspiration in mid-March. I was invited as a guest to talk about leadership. My interlocutor will be Andrej Miklavc - former alpine slalom winner, three time Olympian, international entrepreneur. We will be discussing the key qualities of leadership and where we see them and how sports and the business world go togehter. I'm sure you will be able to read something about it in the Ideas for Leaders following the event.

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