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Nominate for "Global Lithuanian Awards 2017"

This is a public invitation to share stories of over-achievers who created outstanding opportunities for Lithuanian economy, science and culture, who promoted the name of Lithuania worldwide. GLL is creating the sixth opportunity for the achievers and their achievements to be noticed, appreciated and rewarded at the ceremony of "Global Lithuanian Awards" which will take place on December 28, 2017. Follow the instruction of the nomination form. Make sure you do that before September 20, 2017.

GLL at "Laisvės Piknikas"


"Laisvės Piknikas" which took place on August 26 in Kaunas was flooded with big positive crowd and bright ideas. Director of GLL Kotryna Stankute moderated the discussion on talent attraction and prospects of Global Lithuania with Parlament Member Ž. Pavilionis, Minister of Economy M. Sinkevičius and 4 experts - A. Pranckevičius, R. Grajauskas, D. Paukštė and G. Šteimantas. Watch the recording and photos

Lietuva³ at Discussion Forum "Būtent"

On September 9, at Discussion Forum "Būtent" in Birštonas, GLL together with Law Firm TRINITI are starting the 4th season of discussions. Doctor Tomas Balkelis, initiator of the project „To Be LT“ Jurgis Didžiulis and one of the hails of „Sąjūdis“ Algirdas Kaušpėdas will discuss the matters of Lithuanian identity on topic „Lithuania today – global or local?“. Join us there and share your ideas on more than 70 hottest topics in Lithuania.

New Season of "Academic Buddy"

Student mentorship program "Academic Buddy" has opened the new season of their great initiative allowing Lithuanian students to get mentors and receive all necessary information on terms of application and studies in Oxford and Cambridge as well as other UK and US Universities. Many bright students gathered at the National Library of M. Mažvydas to hear the stories from their fellow Lithuanians studying at the best UK and US universities. Visit Academic Buddy website to find out more about this initiative.

GLL Networkings "Back to Vilnius" Are Back

On August 30, we closed the summer season in style by opening the new season of our networking events "Back in Vilnius". It was a great pleasure to meet so many bright, globally thinking Lithuanians who came back for a summer visit or for good from Singapore and Chicago, Paris and Stockholm, London and Amstedam to name a few. Fantastic crowd and really loud discussions! The success of this event inspires us to make sure the tradition continues. Save the next last Wendnesday of the month.

Invitation for Companies: 5th Round of “Talent for Lithuania” Program

Are you searching for a new talent to join your team? We have great news! The 5th round of GLL program "Talent for Lithuania" starts on October 9. The program is a great tool for work-based learning for recent graduates, an opportunity for young professionals to come back and start their carrer in Lithuania. Let's cooperate and bring the value of international education and professional experience to Lithuania together! Learn more about the program here.

Become Vilnius Advocates

Agency "Go Vilnius" calls for action and encourages every global and local Lithuanian to promote Vilnius as investment destination, tourist attraction and talent play ground. The link to welcome kits to be shared with your professional networks.

"Proud of Lithuania" by Sweet Root

Our friends from Sweet Root have written a modern fairytale "Proud of Lithuania" where story begins at a dinner table, on a plate full of magical flavours, tastes, emotions, and memories, in the rough woods of our little country called Lithuania. This is an aesthetically designed diary of our homeland and its culture. Available to pre-order.

GLL Members

Summer is People and Their Smiles

GLL has lost the number of inspirational summer meetings with global Lithuanians who chose Lithuania for summer vacation. Thanks to life conversations, we have pushed forward the ideas of cooperation among Lithuanian professionals worldwide and compiled the list of possible projects. Once in Lithuania, get in touch.

Summer Meeting of Lithuanian Professionals in Copenhagen

On August 19-20, 2017, the representatives of five clubs of Lithuanian professionals abroad got together by invitation of the Lithuanian Professionals in Copenhagen. The first day was devoted to get acquainted, learn each other's best practices, share concerns and plans for the future. After the most team building activity of Saturday night, the GLL workshop on Sunday turned out to be creative and ambitious - the professionals authorised GLL to get in touch with government officials and present the idea of Diaspora Think Tank as the resource of expertise for the strategic reforms of the country. Read more in the article released on this occasion.


Global Lithuanian Awards | December 28 | Vilnius

SAVE THE DATE. Just like last year, we will end the year with the day fully devoted to Talents Coming Back. December 28, 2017 will start with Forum of Global Professionals devoted to the discussions of potential of global talent for Lithuania and Lithuania's potential to attract the global talent. It will go on with the celebration of Global Lithuanian Awards where most valuable achievements of global Lithuanians will be announced and awarded. The day will be crowned by festive dinner and celebration of bright prospects of the coming year. Follow the updates HERE.

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