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Serenity Vista in Panama Awarded 'Best Rehab in the Caribbean' by Worlds Best Rehab Magazine

Worlds Best Rehab Magazine, the definitive guide for International Rehab and Treatment facilities, has awarded the Magazine's highest accolade to Serenity Vista Panama for it's outstanding and transformative work with clients and exceptional success rate over many years.

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Exceptional long term success since 2012

Serenity Vista in Panama was established in 2012 by Canadians Jane and John Derry, B.Sc.Phm., M.A., the Panamanian treatment clinic has an exceptional long term success rate, helping clients recover from any form of addiction or codependency. According to Worlds Best Rehab, “the recovery experience at Serenity Vista is nothing less than transformational.”

Not just for Americans and Canadians, the Serenity Vista program of recovery is an ideal choice for individuals from all walks of life, including many professionals, who come to Serenity Vista from around the world seeking very private, discreet, and extremely effective holistic addiction treatment.

Serenity Vista Rehab in Panama is so much more than a Luxury Rehab, it’s passionate staff and committed leadership have created a transformational experience and built a strong reputation over nearly a decade of working with clients to end the cycle of addiction.

"The change we see in people is nothing less than a miracle!"

The centers professional staff are highly trained in addiction and have helped a broad and diverse cross section of individuals from around the world over many years. Serenity Vista offers a life changing program that guides clients to become free from substance misuse and addiction, helping them learn to live life on life’s terms with peace and joy.

John Derry, Founder and CEO of Serenity Vista in Panama said, “We are passionate about helping people recover to be free from addiction. This is our calling, and honor to guide people into a new way of living a joyful life with peace of mind and heart. The change we see in people is nothing less than a miracle.”

The Myth of Willpower in Addiction Recovery
Situated in tropical paradise of Boquete

Situated in a tropical paradise, Serenity Vista Panama has been recognized as the best all-round treatment facility in the Caribbean for its exceptional long term recovery success.

According to Worlds Best Rehab, “Serenity Vista is not your typical rehab center. Rather, it is a world-class, private, highly individualized treatment program overseen by dedicated professionals. The rehab works with clients suffering from all types of addiction issues.”

The Myth of Willpower in Addiction Recovery
Awarded highest accolades as one of the world's best rehabs

Serenity Vista in Panama provides visitors an individualized experience with a maximum of just six clients at any one time. Programs can last up to 90 days, but the number of guests never increases past six. The accommodation onsite is luxurious and the whole life recovery experience at Serenity Vista in such a beautiful part of the world feels more like a tropical, get away retreat rather than your typical institutional rehab center.

Awarded Best Rehab in the Caribbean by World's Best Rehab Magazine, Serenity Vista offers guests a world-class experience in the lush tropical mountain highlands of Panama. From initial consultation, a clients treatment journey is supervised by one of the most dedicated and talented professional teams in the World.

In awarding one of their highest accolades to Serenity Vista, Worlds Best Rehab magazine noted that an investment in the program, “represents exceptional value for money, given the clinics unwavering dedication and focus on long term recovery.”

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Serenity Vista Addiction Recovery Retreat

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