Imagine that!

Visualization Enhances Effectiveness

Visualization is a key to success. Did you know that your brain is so powerful that what you imagine can propel you to success? The fact is that what your brain visualizes impacts your reality and your success. Knowing this, what images are you focusing on? Are they positive and, therefore, propelling you to success? Or are they negative and holding you back from accomplishing want you want?

Pierre Janet, French psychologist and philosopher, pioneered guided imagery or “visualization” in the 1890s. This phenomenon developed from the discovery that a person’s imagination can affect the person’s mental and physical state. Certain images stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system to experience feelings.

Many professionals, including therapists and sports psychologists, now suggest using the practice of visualization to increase success.

What does this mean for you? The next time you want to improve your efficiency and effectiveness in any endeavor, visualize doing the behavior or activity BEFORE actually engaging in it.

This may sound silly, but it really does work. Think of it as “imagined practice.” Scientists have found that imagined practice activates the same neural circuits as real experience—hence, the term “mental rehearsal.”

To help you perform better, try imagining your tennis serve, or mentally running through an upcoming speech, or reviewing a lesson. Mental imagery activates some of the same neural pathways involved in the actual experience, and many studies lend support to this practice.

Tip: The more you imagine success in an activity, the higher your chances to succeed. Use the power of visualization to propel you to success.

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