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AUGA reads No.1

Every day, the team at Auga reads through pages and pages of the latest news and insights on ecology, organic food, sustainability, AgTech, and many other critically important subjects.

And we have decided that, instead of keeping it all to ourselves, we want to share some of the best content we read with our community.

The result is AUGA reads, a monthly newsletter where we will share the latest information on global trends and the very best articles, videos, and audio reports, all in one place.

AUGA reads will be sent to everyone who subscribes to the monthly investors newsletter. If you are not on the list, you can subscribe to AUGA reads here: https://bit.ly/3d1TBzz and be one of the first to receive a fresh delivery of quality content every month!

And once you've registered, take a look at the first edition of AUGA reads below. Enjoy.

Climate Week

Climate Week was the largest climate summit organised in 2020. Over the week, contributors from around the world shared best practices on how to halve global emissions in the future. You can watch the thought-provoking videos from the summit here.

How superficial is your sustainability strategy?

Katalista Ventures and ROCKIT recently have organized an insightful panel discussion on how to ensure that sustainability would be at the core of the business strategy and what measures businesses should take to avoid greenwashing. Listen to the discussion here

Article: Surging demand sets up us natural and organic market for 9.5% growth in 2020

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Article: Closing the loop between the perception and practice of sustainability

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Audio feature: smart finance for a sustainable food system

Listen here 

Article: What sustainable governance practices can lead the business to success?

Please note this article is in Lithuanian.

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AUGA group has been ranked among the top 10% of companies in the international sustainability ratings

ISS Corporate Solutions, the world’s leading research and consulting company, has conducted an assessment of the sustainable operations of the AUGA group. Based on the study’s findings, Auga Group has been designated Prime status, and a high sustainability score that puts it among the 10% best-performing companies for sustainability in the Food & Beverages sector globally. Read more

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