[ECS Announcement] September 4, 2020

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[Principal] NEW

Dear ECS families,

In accordance with FCPS regulations and the ECS Board evaluations, classes will be conducted through distance learning for 2020-2021 Fall semester.  September 13, 2020 will be the first date of school.  We will re-evaluate whether to continue Distance Learning for the Spring semester in January 2021.  As all departments are getting ready for the beginning of the school year, feel free to send any suggestions to ECS Help Desk


ECS operates solely by parent volunteers and we are still in need of a volunteer to fill the positions: General Affairs and Fundraising.  Please contact Publications or any of our current board members if interested.  Please see this List of responsibilities .  Benefits tied to holding one of these positions include the following:  Tuition Waiver for one child (Board 100% waived, Staff 50% waived). 


The 2020 graduation ceremony was held on 8/30. Congratulations to all ECS graduates, and we sincerely wish all of you a great future!


[Academics] NEW

School is about to start, individual teachers as well as the ECS will contact parents via email.  However, some important emails were found in the "trash can".  We STRONGLY advise you to set up Contacts for the ECS email address and your children’s teachers’ email addresses so they are not put in the Trash or viewed as SPAM by your ISP’s SPAM/Trash filters.  An email should be received by you from the class teacher prior to September 13, 2020.  If you have NOT received an email from your child’s class teacher by 9/13/20, check your SPAM and/or TRASH folder.  If no email is found in either of these two folders, nor in your Inbox, please contact the  Academics Department .


Recruitment of ECS School Team (students must have been studying for more than three consecutive years in ECS)

          Chinese typing group: Zhuyin class above 6th grade and current teaching assistant

          Calligraphy group: students in Zhuyin and Pinyin classes above 1st grade

          Chinese character recognition: Zhuyin classes above 3rd grade


[Community] NEW

The Washington Metropolitan Area Youth Collaboration & Event are hosting a series of virtual:  learning events, activities, and services during the pandemic.  Please take advantage of these offerings! Info. and sign up .



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