Who's the practical one now, Johnny boy?

Hey guys!

So remember how we have this funny little room at the top of the stairs at the beach house? We've called it everything from the storage room to the reading nook because at some point it has been envisioned as one (or both!) of those things. There's a good before and after of it in this post, if you need a refresher.

It's not big enough for a mattress or anything to make it a proper sleeping nook - so John has been eager to build in some shelves to make it a hard-working storage space, but I'm still holding onto the dream that it could be cuter than just a storage space. 

In a dream scenario it would have a pretty hanging egg chair with some bookshelves full of books & games, but even I can recognize that's probably not very useful in reality. So I've held John at bay by saying, "Wouldn't it be the perfect space for guests with a baby to put a pack-n-play?"

Welllll... last week my pack-n-play dreams came true! My brother and his wife stayed a few nights with us in Cape Charles with their two young kids. And after one night of sleeping with their 1-year-old son in the front bedroom with them, they decided they'd all sleep better if he had his own space (their 3-year-old was already in the middle bedroom). 

So we broke out our pack-n-play (now that our kids are done with it, we've been storing it at the beach for just these occasions) and set it up in that little front room. And IT. WAS. PERFECT! 

Now that John sees my point about this function, we're both zeroing in on a plan to utilize the rest of the space for some pretty storage shelves while keeping the left side of the room flexible for moments like this. Stay tuned!

In other news, here's what you may have missed last week:

We ditched four dining chairs at the beach house in favor of two low-profile benches. You can hear why we love the change for 3 different (surprising) ways on this week's podcast.

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Last week I recapped all of the over-the-top and insanely fun decorations, recipes, and 4th of July party ideas from our friend's annual party earlier this month. Just pin them for next year ;)

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I got this super comfy $10 jersey dress at H&M this weekend. It comes in lots of colors & prints, but I stuck with black (surprise!). I also grabbed these $10 green shorts & this $25 denim skirt.

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If you're one of the many people who ask for John's favorite light bulbs, they're all in this blog post for ya. Even the ones that look like edison bulbs (but aren't as yellow), smart lights, & outdoor bulbs!

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Hope you have an awesome week! 

xoxo, Sherry (& John)

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