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How are you doing? Have you been having fun with your family this week?

We hope you've been enjoying these crafts and activities that we've been sharing with you! To make sure that we keep on sending you the kinds of things you're looking for, hit reply on this email and let me know what your favorite activity has been this week. Let us know what else you're looking for, too! Want more homeschool lessons? More printables? More recipe ideas? Let us know! 

The weather is finally going to be dry and sunny here today, so we'll be spending some time outdoors, getting some Vitamin D, and getting our garden ready to be planted. Do you garden? If you're looking to start a garden this year, you can find lots of inexpensive vegetable seeds on Etsy!

Fun for All Ages:

Everyone in the family will have fun with this Jackson Pollock Homeschool Art Lesson (it's a GREAT way to release tension and relieve stress!)! 100% FUN for ALL ages!

Toddlers & Preschoolers:

Elementary Kids:

Tweens & Teens:


Keep the house cleaning chaos under control with our Printable Chore Charts for Kidsand discover our handy system of having the kids Do Chores to Earn Screen Time! 

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