Dear beautiful beloved ,

This issue is all about radically transforming our bodies. 

After weight loss we are usually so pumped about out success that we want to take it even further. The desire is strong to sculpt and contour and drop fat. 

So in this issue I am sharing some of the ways that I have been successful in doing that. And I've rounded up some pretty awesome resources -- films and books all free or low cost -- of a few programs that other people have used to radically transform their bodies. 

For example, my cousin has lost a tremendous amount of fat following a vegetarian diet. Having achieved that, she now eats a flexitarian diet, meaning she eats meat sometimes. So I've found a film and a cookbook for going vegetarian for 10 days (or more) and gaining health benefits. 

I've also included the Champions from the 12-week Body for Life program, which is one that I personally own and recommend. 

And I've outlined the program that I used to whittle my waist!

Don't like to exercise? Well, scroll down to the Publisher's Picks because we have a solution for that, too. 

So let's get moving and live our best lives ever!

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Living larger than ever,
Cheryl Ann Borne, My Bariatric Life
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My Best Exercise for a Smaller Waist, Do It Anywhere

My tummy tuck led to an incredible 8 inches lost from my waist in only three months! But not everyone wants to have plastic surgery. And the good news is there is an excellent exercise for a smaller waist. It’s called isometric contraction and according to BodyBuilding.com it is one of the best exercises we can do. 

There are several layers of muscles in the abdomen. And to achieve the highly coveted tiny waist, we must train our transverse abdominal muscles. These are the deep layer of muscles that wrap our bodies like a corset. In fact, plastic surgeons use abdominal binders like this product on their patients to create a smaller waist.

So, we need an exercise routine that maximizes our internal corset. Try the following with the permission of your doctor...

    My Favorite Things
    Radical Body Transformations mini series
    Champions Body for Life
    PlantPure Nation film
    PlantPure Nation Cookbook


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    Publisher's Picks

    My Beginner Sprinting-Walking Intervals fro Fast Fat Loss


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    How to Have a Happy Workout


    get fit

    Exercises to Tighten Your Body after Weight Loss


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