Bait and Switch, in a good way.

Magic Powder

Written by: Jeffrey Paul Louis Schiller

Art by: Daniele Aquilani

Cover by: Samuel Iwunze


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I confess after reading Magic Powder I did not actually see any of the stuff between the pages. What I did see was very strong writing and clear-cut characters acting out their agendas with force and focus. This is a comic where I definitely will be wanting to read more chapters to get filled in. As it is, there's a lot of stuff going on here, but the central core, what the characters know, is deliberately kept hidden from the reader's view. You have an elf delivering a stolen red sword to a fence, a dwarven boss meeting an underwater mermaid-elf clan conducting his nefarious business. Finally there's an intellectual looking elf (the Librarian Zjah) who is making moves to start a war.

Welcome to Thesz.

What kind of world does Magic Powder play in? Totally made up, but interesting. It's got our familiar everyday stuff right down to make/models of cars exactly reproduced in this derelict city known as 'Thesz.' In a world conquered by Elves many years ago, Thesz is the only city that operates outside Elvish law. In its boundaries are hosts of fantasy creatures (Dwarves, Orcs, Goblins etc.) who conduct their illegal activities for power and profit.

Thrown into the mix at the end is Zjah starting the rift that will tear apart the criminals of Thesz into an all-out war.

I would call this a good entry-point comic that sets the stage. Recently, the creators of Magic Powder just concluded their latest Kickstarter and will have issue two out there soon enough for some answers!

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